Sunday, April 7, 2013

Monkeying Around

 I know I've talked about it before, how Owen gets inspired to play based on what we have going on or what he has recently seen... so it was NO surprise.....
 when I saw Owen and Lucy monkeying around in the tree outside the hotel with their stuffed animals!
 They were inspired by a lot of the animals they saw yesterday at the zoo and having his chimp around also reminds him of the fun he can have being a monkey/ape!
 I just can't say it enough... I LOVE watching these 2 together!!!
 My big monkey!
Sweet Lucy!
 Hanging around!
 These 2 were smart and took advantage of the weather and outside time before getting in the car to drive home... they were busy playing while the rest of us were busy packing up!!!
 Owen and Lucy Monkeying Around

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