Tuesday, April 16, 2013

Owen's Last Soccer Game of the Season

So it is no secret anymore that life is a bit crazy around our house!!  The list making, sorting, buying, selling, packing, paperwork, and normal every day life... it is ALL a lot to take in.  To make matters more complicated, Brad is out of town for work and Ethan has a double ear infection (which also means he and I did not get much sleep last night) so to say I'm a little exhausted and overwhelmed would be an understatement!  But....
I am trying SO hard to live in the moment and enjoy it!!!  After all, I am preaching this to Brad over and over again so I have to take my own advice and do the same!  I am SO afraid that our last months here are going to be a blur, full of stress, and not the fun.  So, I'm determined that when we have something going on, like Owen's last soccer game of the season, I'm going to go to the game, have fun, and live in the moment!  Packing and worrying can wait... at least until the game is over!
Besides, once we move and we are sitting in our new home, I bet we are going to miss these moments!  Grant it, we'll have new experiences to live but I also think we are going to have a lot of down time/ free time (heck, I'll save an 1-2 a day on just cutting down my driving time, nothing is more than a 5 minute drive away!!)  so I can catch up on my rest then!! : )
The trick to enjoying tonight's game was getting the younger to engaged in something that kept me from having to chase them around!  I wanted to try to get some good pictures of Owen playing since I feel like I've missed out on that this season... this season has been SO crazy... we missed a couple of games due to the overlap of basketball and soccer, we missed a couple of games due to weather, and we missed a couple of games due to all of our traveling to see family and friends before we move!  I feel as if I've only made it to 3 games this season!  So I had to make this most of this last game!
 Look at that kick!!!
So how did I manage the younger 2 on my own.... I put Addyson to work!! : )  It kept her AND Ethan busy!!  I learned this trick at the hotel the other weekend... pay the kids a couple of pennies and they will do just about anything!  I needed Ethan moving so he didn't want to get down and run around so having Addyson push him in the stroller helped with this... until the stroller tipped over and then the "babysitting" gig was done!
 Thankfully I got Ethan picked up and was back to focus on the game just in time to see Owen score a goal!!!  I love watching him run back after scoring a goal!!!
The look on his face, the look of accomplishment and success, is priceless!!!  This was probably the look on mine and Brad's face when we opened up the acceptance letter from Saudi Aramco... accomplishment.... accomplishing what we set out to do... and success... we succeed in following our dreams... if only I had the camera ready to capture that moment!
Moments like that come after moments of hard work and determination... and those times of celebrating make all of those times of sweat and tears totally worth it... which brings me back to the stress we are currently under and the sweat and tears that are taking place when not sitting and enjoying a soccer game... I know that in the end, in just a few short months, all of this will be worth it!!  So we press on!
I am also having to figure out new ways of doing things and I'm having to get better at reaching out for help... a HUGE move like this is NOT one you can do on your own!  And there are going to be times I do things I normally wouldn't do, like give my baby an iPhone to entertain himself for long periods of time, but I have to remind myself that this is temporary and I'm not some superwoman that can get it all done.. and the payoff/ reward will far outweigh the bad temporary habits that form during this time!
And really, doing things like this is a nice escape/ break from my "cage"... I often tell Brad I feel like a cage chimpanzee that just goes crazy in its surroundings that they stay in day in and day out... the fresh air, sun, and cheering on Owen really did me some good..... now my head is clear and I can go make another list! ; )
 Way to go Sounders and Coach Greg!!!
To celebrate a great year, we all went out for pizza!  It was nice to sit out on the patio, it allowed me to now worry so much about the younger kids... this single parent thing isn't so easy... it is exhausting at times and I'm SO glad I don't have to do this as often as I use to!!!!  But I guess I shouldn't get too complacent yet... I'm about to be on my own for 2 months!!!!  I guess a week now is a good refresher course!
Owen was SO excited for the end of the season because that meant he was going to get another trophy!!!  He has been talking about this for a week!!!  He is also assuming he is going to win a trophy in Saudi Arabia because he is already talking about it!!!  We told the kids Sunday about our move and we also talked about how the kids play lots of sports there and the teams are actually really good because they bring in really good coaches... one of their little league baseball teams won the World Series 2 years ago... which we told Owen... so he is already counting on a World Series trophy too..... I think he has some work to do!
But really, he doesn't need to worry about that!!!  He just needs to live in THIS moment and enjoy THIS trophy... isn't that what I'm trying to teach Brad and myself?!?!  I guess I need to teach Owen this too!!!
What a great game to end the season on and what a great game to get my mind off of all we have going on right now!!!  Great season boys!!! Go Sounders!

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