Tuesday, April 2, 2013

Owen's School Easter Egg Hunt

Owen's school doesn't celebrate Easter until after Easter Sunday since the whole reason for Easter is to celebrate the resurrection of Christ and that doesn't happen until Sunday... so until then there is nothing to celebrate!  The weather had been great so I was really looking forward to going to help out with the hunt and getting great pictures of the kids hunting eggs on the  new playground outside.
However, that wasn't the case.... once again, the weather took a turn....it was rainy and cold today... I knew the hope of Spring finally being here was too good to be true!!
So we improvised a bit and had the Easter Egg hunt in the cafeteria!  There wasn't a whole lot of space to hide over 400.... so we had to get a bit creative... and had to just be okay with the fact that there were piles of eggs under tables..... and really, all that matter was that the kids were having fun...
and they were having a  blast!!!
Owen doesn't have the competitive streak that I do.... he was walking around but not picking up every egg in his path... he would walk by eggs.... I'm like "Owen, what are you doing???  You have to pick up the eggs!!!"
I see some kids feverishly picking up as many eggs as possible and filling their baskets while Owen walks by eggs and only has a couple in his basket.  I finally got him to start putting more eggs in his basket as he came by them... what would he have done without me?!?!  ; )
After all of the 400+ eggs were collected... in less than 5 minutes.... it was time for the kids to compare who had what in their baskets.  Some kids had eggs overflowing from their baskets and others had about as many as Owen did.... you could tell who the competitive kids were!!
Next, we headed back to the classroom to examine the baskets... and Mrs. N did a good job of making sure that everyone got their fair share.  The two of us went around and looked into the baskets to make sure each child had at least 12 eggs (the number of eggs each child brought to contribute to the hunt) and a couple of extra for good measure.
How did we do that?  Well we had to take eggs from the kids that had a surplus... and to my surprise, all of the kids were okay with that!!!  I would explain which friend needed extra eggs and every child was willing to share!!!  It was amazing!!
After all of the eggs were divided up, the kids got to open their eggs to see what was inside and they got to eat some candy too!!!!  We had to slow some of them down and explain that they might get a tummy ache if that kept eating all of that candy!!! : )
I was SO glad I was able to be there and be a part of them fun!!!
All of the kids know me and know my kids.... so while the kid were opening eggs, I had several come up to me and say, "This is for you baby." or "I got this for your daughter."  It was SO sweet to see several of the kids sharing with the kids that weren't even there!!!  Melted my heart!
And you can imagine the surprise to Addyson when she woke up from a nap and had several items from Owen's Easter Egg Hunt waiting for her!!!  I was thankful for that since she made sure to bring items home from her egg hunt to share with Owen!
Ethan was excited to see what was inside his eggs as well!!!
I feel like our kids have had a great Easter and have gotten to participate in so many fun Easter Egg Hunts!!!  I think this is our last hunt of the season, what a great way to end a fun Easter!

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