Monday, April 1, 2013

Reading at Prayer Service

 3 days a week Owen's school has a morning prayer service that is led by the kids (the other 2 days they have "long church" as Owen calls it).  I thought it was always led by the big kids... I think they were just giving the younger kids time to catch up with reading!!  This week it is Owen's class's turn to lead the school in the morning prayer service and today was Owen's turn to read!!  The readers sit at the side of the church as all of the kids file into the pews!!!
I wanted to be able to listen to Owen and take pictures and video so I had Nammie meet us there to help wrangle the little kids!!!
 Owen's part was to read the Special Intentions!!  He had been practicing all weekend to get ready for it!!  We worked on talking loud, talking into the microphone, speaking slow, and pausing as the students responded "Lord, hear our prayers."  He did a GREAT job!!!  I am SO proud of him... I would have been a nervous wreck getting up in front of the whole school!  I could tell he had some nerves because he paused at really simple words that I know he knows... but I bet no one else noticed!  I could see a sigh of relief on his face after his part was done!!!  Great job buddy!
 After attending prayer service, Ethan and I dropped Addyson off at school and went to see a show at the Walton Arts Center!!  This was our first show to attend just the 2 of us!!!  It was a circus show with just humans and it was so fun!!  Ethan LOVED it!!  He clapped, waved at the performers, smiled, and had a great time!  I can't believe he is getting big enough for me to do things like this with just him!!

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