Tuesday, April 9, 2013

Rollie Pollie Fun

This afternoon the weather was perfect for rollie pollie hunting!!!  Actually, we had gone out front to ride bikes but Owen soon found a rollie pollie and the exploring began!!!
Ethan learned about ladybugs on Easter and today he learned about rollie pollies!!!  And he is very excited to learn about bugs and explore with them!!!  He is 100% boy!
Holding a yucky, squirming, wiggling, crawling bug is not fearful to Ethan... not yet... he wants to pick it up, hold it, touch it.... he is all in!!!
The rollie pollies were smart... when they were dropped they made their way to the crack in the concrete so they couldn't be caught... or were harder to catch... but that didn't stop my kids from trying to find a way to pick them back up again!!!
Addyson was even in on the fun... as long as the bug isn't too yucky she wants to hold it and explore with the boys!
She was good until the bug started to move too much and make its way up her arm and crawl around which she claimed tickled and she wanted it off... did it tickle or was she worried it would get to far up her arm for her comfort level?!?! : )
Enjoying the weather and watching my kids explore!!!
As I upload pics from my iPhone I'm starting to see more and more pictures that I didn't know were there.... Addyson is getting good at getting my phone and taking pictures!!!  I'm glad to start having more pictures of me on the blog that I don't have to ask people to take!! : )

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