Friday, April 19, 2013

Survived My Week

What a week it has been!!!  It all started when Brad left town on Sunday... he hasn't had to travel for work in a long time but it never fails, whenever we plan a party... he leaves the night of the party or the next day!  We had Addyson's birthday party on Saturday so of course he left town on Sunday... for the WHOLE week!!!  I haven't had to be a single parent of 3 for this long in a LONG time!  Brad left town and our house looked a little like this......
... and this is the "good" part!  Our hallway was full of bags and suitcases from our weekend trip(s) and Addyson's party.  And when the house is SO bad it is SO hard to find a starting point.  To make matters worse...
This little guy ended up with a double ear infection and the start of bronchitis.  I don't usually rush the kids to the doctor at the first symptoms of something, I like their body to try to fight off whatever they had naturally.  However, after night 1 of HORRIBLE sleep, I knew I needed help since Brad was going to be gone all week.. and I wanted to catch whatever he has asap... I needed him sleeping AND being able to go to school.. there is SO much to do these days.. I have the normal mommy duties and now all of our moving duties to do.  I was afraid I'd get to the doctor to hear he just had a cold.. and while I was sad he had an ear infection I was glad I 1) caught it soon and 2) had medicine to start making him feel better..... but he didn't feel better until the end of the week!!  He and I had HORRIBLE sleep ALL week!  He would wake up crying/ screaming 3-4 times a night and stay up for long periods of time! Needless to say, I started nursing him again at night just to help ease his pain and help us get some rest.  What a hard week with my baby boy.
The week ended with Addyson's birthday.  My mom offered to come eat dinner with us to help make it a special day for her since Brad was out of town.  I was thankful for some help... at this point I can't even explain my exhaustion... but we were all keeping it together and I was SO proud of myself and of the kids!!!  My big kids were SUCH big help to me!  Mornings were actually easy thanks to their help and evenings went really well too.  I tried to remember to give lots of praise through my hazy eyes!!!  They loved it.. and it helped that I rewarded with some money as well!! : )  Owen had a book fair on Friday so he was working hard to be able to earn money to buy some goodies!  And Addyson loves to earn money to give away to family and friends!!  She actually gave Nammie some of her money at her birthday dinner! : )  Such a sweet girl!
 Friday was Grandparents Day at Owen's school and I actually didn't have to carpool that morning so we talked about it Thursday night at dinner and Owen spent the night with Nammie after dinner so mommy didn't have to wake up and rush around her final morning of being a single parent!!  That was SO nice!!!  Brad came home Friday afternoon to a decent house (not 100% clean, that is almost impossible to do with a needy baby and a baby that likes to get things out but not put them away!!), happy kids, and a happy (and relieved) wife!  I (we all) survived my week of being a single parent!  I hope I don't have to do that again for a LONG time.... oh wait, I'm about to have to do that for 2 months........  uh oh!!!!

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