Saturday, April 6, 2013

Trip to Dallas Zoo

We met with the "Austin Brewsters" in Dallas for a weekend of fun!!  I love getting the cousins together!!  Even though it has been almost 10 months since we've seen the last... the kids didn't skip a beat!  We had a busy weekend planned.... that started out Saturday morning with a trip to the Dallas Zoo!!!
And these 2 led the way!!!!  I LOVE watching these 2 together!!
I'm not usually a fan of "writing" blog posts that are all pictures with few words... but a lot of these pictures do not need explanation and... I'm short on time and trying to get caught up... so enjoy the pictures!! : )
Daddy showed Ethan how to feed the pigeons his puffs.... and that started a bad habit of trying to feel a lot of the animals his puffs!!!
Male mandrill perched on a rock
Beautiful ring-tailed lemur
Checking out the elephants!!!  Ethan tried hard to sound like an elephant.... it just sounds like "raspberries" but he thought it was funny to try!!
Beautiful family!!  (Owen refused to look at the camera!!!)
They have a station at the zoo where you can feed the giraffes!!!  I was happy to see that they were handing out several different food items to make sure the animals still had a balanced diet!!!  We were given "crackers"
SO much fun!!!
Mom even got in on the fun!!!
Petting a hedgehog at a show at the children's stage in "Africa"
That wasn't as scary as I thought it would be!! : )
Cousins!!!  How rare is that to get ALL 5 kids looking and smiling?!?!
Owen and Lucy almost 6, Addyson almost 4, Simon 3, Ethan 18 months
After seeing the lions perched on the rocks... Owen got inspired to be a lion!!
Our next stop was riding the monorail around Africa... but waiting in line wasn't so fun... so we distracted by having the kids look for something down low in the grass.... funny how we had them all looking... and even kids that weren't part of our group!!
The monorail was SO fun!!!!  Riding high above the zoo and looking for animals!
Each family had their own car so it was very private!

After riding the monorail, the 2 little guys were ready for a nap!! So the dads took the little ones back to the hotel for a nap while Holly and I took the bigger kids to explore more of the zoo!!
First stop, the children's zoo!!!
There is a sign out front talking about how you should wash your hands before you touch the animals to keep the animals safe... and then wash your hands after you touch the animals to keep you safe and there was this little water fall to wash up...
Addyson thought more than her hands needed washing!! : )
The children's zoo here is amazing!!!  In the middle is this rocky/ water area that was perfect for playing!!!
We probably spent over 30 minutes here running around.... we really wished would have brought the younger 2 boys here!!  They would have loved it!
The water was just calling Addyson's name and she held off as long as she could before she just couldn't take it anymore... she HAD to get wet!!
And she thought it was hilarious when she got her bottom wet!!!
I kept my eye on Addyson, trying to encourage her not to get soaking wet... then I looked over at Holly and I told her that Addyson wasn't going to be fully happy until she got her shirt wet...
and I was right... before I knew it, she was laying down in the water giggling!!!
Now life is perfect!! : )
Mustache grins!
After playing in the Children's Zoo we had all worked up an appetite so we stopped at a restaurant that was beside the flamingo pool!!!  Perfect setting for lunch on this beautiful day!
The zoo was celebrating its 125th birthday and there were lots of festivities going on.  One of the neat things to see were some of the animals eating their versions of birthday cake!!  We watched as this group of spider monkeys enjoyed their "cake" of fruit and ice with fruit frozen inside!!  I could have watched them forever... took me back to my days of research with the spider monkeys at the St. Louis zoo!!!
Watching the otter play!
It wasn't just the animals that got cake!!!!
Cupcakes... but just for the kids.... Holly and I had to get one through Addyson to share!  : )
We made one last stop at the gift store where the kids got to pick out birthday presents from the Austin Brewsters then we headed back to the hotel, with happy AND exhausted kids, to share goodies with the siblings.  What an amazing trip to the Dallas Zoo!!  We will definitely be going back!

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