Friday, May 31, 2013

iPhone Pics of the Week

Buying flowers for his teacher at the Farmer's Market
Feeding the squirrels at Nammie's house.
Pool Party
Taking pictures of Owen opening gifts, "Cheese!"
Playing with Owen's new iPad
Quick dinner date at LaHuerta.... yummy pineapple fajitas!
Cheers!  One of our last big beers before Brad leaves!
This is what he does at 5am... plays in the blinds!
Walking to meet my family for dinner!  Another perk of living at my mom's!
Trying to keep Ethan still so Mommy can fill out paperwork at the bank.
Addyson went glassses shopping with Daddy and told him he should get these!! : )
A last family lunch at Flying Burrito
Gonna miss my partner in crime!!!
Sweet and messy boys!
As we were talking about live and social media.. after bringing Brad back home from the airport he said, "# living out of boxes"..... too funny!!!!
"Here Daddy, want a bite?!?!"
Eating blueberries for the first time!!!!
We found a new favorite breakfast spot at the Depot off Dickson!!!
She is so big, she no longer colors while waiting for her food to come... she paints her nails!
Off he goes!
She doesn't fall asleep often but when she does... she crashes!!!

And He's Saudi

Brad's departure day finally arrived.  We really couldn't believe it was time and the day was actually here!  After months and months of talking about and planning for a day that seemed like it would never come... it came.... and went...
...and Brad was still in Arkansas!
I posted this picture on Facebook and joked that one of us was too scared to let Brad go and you had to figure out who.... 1) Brad, to scared to go alone or 2) Me, to scared to be alone with 3 kids by myself so I made him stay.  What would you guess????
In reality, there were really bad storms that delayed Brad's flight several times and then it ended up being canceled.  So after spending 2 hours at the airport, we loaded his 70# boxes back in the car and headed out for another "Last Supper".  Man, I'm SO glad I refused to "drop him off at the airport and leave" as he had suggested... that would have had me making another trip to the airport.
After another night together which Brad spent a lot of it on the phone trying to book another flight (turns out that wasn't so easy to do because the flights were booked!), we were able to spend another morning together doing some last minute stuff that got looked over the day before....
and then we headed BACK to the airport for ANOTHER "good bye"... I can't take all of these "good byes"!  This time was different though, we really didn't have a lot to say... we had already said it all... and it wasn't as sad as I thought it would be... I had already shed all my tears!  It was actually really nice to have a sweet "good bye".  At this point we were just thankful his flight wasn't delayed again and we could actually get "the show on the road"!  It isn't that fun living in limbo and out of boxes!
Our last family photo for the next 9.5 weeks!  Our next family photo will be at the airport in Saudi... if we remember!  Let's see how tired and stressed I look in the picture and how well rested Brad will look!! : )
And He's off to Saudi!!!
Please pray for/ send good vibes to our family as we transition to life in Saudi!  I know this will not be easy for Brad who will be alone and figuring out things on his own.  As much as he and I beg for some quiet, alone time... when we actually get it, it gets a little too quiet after a couple of days... not sure how he is going to do for a couple of months!  This will also be hard on the kids who will miss having their daddy around, miss having their things, and will probably have a sense of living in limbo that they will not be able to put to words.  And finally, please pray for/ send good calming vibes to me as I try to do my best for the 3 kids by myself as I handle things in Arkansas, dream of life in Saudi, and try to maintain some sense of "normalcy" for the kids and I as we live out of suitcases and on couches for the next 67 days (but who's counting?!?!).  67 days seems like A LOT of days but I know/ hope that before I know it I will be blogging about "And We're Off... to join Brad in Saudi"!!!

Thursday, May 30, 2013

Addyson's Last Gymnastics Class

I started Addyson in gymnastics when she was 16 months old... 2 months before the gym allows kids to start the Tiny Tot class but I knew she was ready and since the gym owners knew me, they never asked me how old she was.  So she has been doing gymnastics for the past 3 years at Durham's Gymnastics/ Hope and Dreams Gymnastics.
She loves it!  She has made so many friends, learned so many new tricks, and gained a lot of confidence!  She has had coaches that I coached when I worked at Durham's while going to university... funny how things have come full circle there!  We are really going to miss our weekly gymnastics class!  I really hope we'll be able to find some sort of gymnastics class in our new community in Saudi!  It is a great way for her to burn off some energy!
Addyson has been in Ms. Katie's class for a long time... at least the past year and a half and she has been so lucky to have her bestie Isabella in class with her for the past year!!!  It has also been easier on me... since we've had a carpooling friend to cut back on the weekly trips to Springdale!! :)
Thank you to Ms. Katie and all of Addyson's previous coaches at Durham's/ Hope and Dreams!  It has been a fun 3 years of gymnastics!  We are going to miss you all!

Wednesday, May 29, 2013

Faces in the Morning

Ethan wakes up about 5 every morning... some times it is 4:45 and some times it is 5:30... but it's about 5 EVERY morning... and I'm NOT a morning person!
He wants to get up and play... but Brad and I just want to lay in bed and rest.....
not only that but, the rest of the house is asleep so if we get up.... the rest of the house gets up....
so we try to hold him off AS LONG AS POSSIBLE!!
We do that by trying to entertain him in our room.....
or should I say "I" do that....
I try to pawn him off on Brad so I can turn over and get some sleep but Ethan says, "NO!"
Out of my desperation to turn something bad (waking up SO early when I DO NOT want to)
into something good... I turned our early mornings into "silly face" mornings!
We also do a lot of early morning snuggling.  Getting our love cup filled by 5:30am.
Not really what I want to be doing at 5:30 BUT, if I have to be up... I might as well be having fun with this cute little guy!....... is he EVER going to learn to sleep in?!?!

Tuesday, May 28, 2013

Family "Good Bye" Dinner

Hard to believe we are preparing for Brad to leave!  We are starting to saying our "good byes" but we have to remind people (and ourselves) that this isn't "good bye" for the next 3-5 years... it is just "good bye" for the next year or so.  We are so lucky that Brad's work will pay for us to fly home once a year so we can visit all of our family and friends.  I think the plan is that Brad will come home for a month or so and the kids and I will spend most of our summer break home visiting... and keeping cool!  Knowing we will be back "home" to see everyone sooner than later makes saying "good bye" a little easier... or maybe I'm just saying that now because it hasn't really hit me yet... it really doesn't feel like Brad is moving to our new home on the other side of the world!  It just feels like he is leaving for a work trip and will be back in a week or two.  So, maybe when I'm the one saying "good bye" things might feel a bit different!  We'll see!
It is a bit strange to think that the next time we get this crew together everyone will be so much more grown up!  Especially Ethan, imagine how much he is going to change this next year!  Hopefully with the help of Skype, our family won't miss out on too much!
Knowing tomorrow would be completely crazy with last minute packing, we got together with my family for dinner after we got home from Branson this afternoon!  It was SO nice that Kellen and Paz made the drive in to see Brad before he left! (Brad got to see Aric and Emily while I was in Puerto Rico)  Family dinners, family outings, family holidays... I'm gonna miss those!
Ethan, what are you going to miss most about outings like this.....
the cheese dip?!?! : )
We are so use to our usual get togethers and regular go to restaurants... it is hard to imagine finding new places we love and starting new traditions... but I'm really excited to start the adventure and be able to come home and share our stories with everyone!  And to think... these family "good bye" dinners are going to become a yearly tradition as we leave N. America behind to head back to our "home" at the end of every summer!  That's kind of crazy to think about!
My brothers, Paz, Brad, and I were having lots of fun catching up and the kids were getting a bit restless in the restaurant so Nammie walked them across the parking lot to go get frozen yogurt!
That was a special treat for them and some great cousin/ Nammie time!!!!
What a great evening with my family... but we are going to have to stop having our "last meal" soon... I'm starting to feel/ see the effects of so much eating out!!!! : )  I guess I won't have to worry about that too much longer... not sure how much we'll be eating out in Saudi!  Ok, that was the last family "good bye" dinner.. tomorrow night it is just Brad and I eating dinner out while a friend watches the kids so we can fun some last minute errands.. then, that's it... off he goes.....