Friday, May 24, 2013

Addyson's Last Day of School

Today was Addyson's last day of Sonshine school... so sad to even type those words.  This is the only school she has known!  She started in Ms. Sally and Ms. Cally's class when she was 18 months old.  She has grown up at this school and she is so sad to leave it.  She says, "I like Sonshine Bible School and I want to go there next year!".  I am trying to reassure her that she will love her new school and she will make friends there but, at this moment in time, she isn't buying into the idea and she only wants to talk about going back to Sonshine school next school year!
Knowing that she has had a great year with awesome teachers and great friends, it was extra sad this morning when she threw up on the way to breakfast and we had to take her home... which meant she was going to miss her last day of school.  I was heartbroken!  Especially since right after she threw up she felt great... bouncing off the walls and back to her old self.  Her bug lasted literally 24 hours and she was back to normal.... and I really wanted to drive her up to school so she wouldn't miss out... but I didn't.... until the last 30 minutes of school when I took my whole crew up to school to say their "Good byes".
Addyson and Ella
I think it is safe to say that Ella is probably Addyson's oldest friend!  These two have been together in class since the beginning!  I'll never forget seeing Ella at Flying Burrito with her family (I've known Ella's mom since we worked together about 12 years ago) back when the girls first started at school and I didn't realize who she was but Addyson did and started yelling out across the restaurant "Ella! Ella!" over and over again!  And they have been pals ever since!  I've often told the teachers that I would love to be a fly on the wall so I could watch the girls play all day!  It is going to be weird to not have Ella in class anymore!
As we were saying our "Good Byes" in Addyson's room, Ms. Sally came in!  Not only was she Addyson's first teacher, Ethan has been going to her class on Fridays for the past month!  Ms. Sally has been a part of our family for a long time, with my babies their very first year of school!  With them with their tears as they learn to spend time away from mommy, make friends, play, and learn!
After Ms. Sally left, it was time to start saying our "Good Byes" to the super sweet teachers that have been with Addyson all year!  They have taught her SO much!  They have loved on her, played with her, read to her, came up with amazing activities to do with her, and really understood her and what she needed to feel special and what she needed when she was sad!  I took her to school every day knowing she was going to have a great day and knowing she was in loving hands!  I wasn't ready to say "good bye"!
After a lot of waiting around and seizing every minute... see, it was a bit hard for Addyson to get to school at the end of the school day, she was ready to do their morning activities and do puzzles so I let her play with her friends as long as possible and delay the inevitable!
And then we had to start the "Good Byes".  Good bye Ms. Bren!  Your sweet and loving personality was perfect for Addyson and her friends.  Your talent to teach little ones was apparent.  Addyson would come home telling me about all the things she was learning.. she even learned to write her name!!!  I look back to the teach meet and great before school started and to think I was hesitant about putting Addyson in Ms. Bren's class because I didn't know Ms. Bren (she was new to the school this year) I realize now how much Addyson would have missed out on!  God knew exactly what he was doing when He opened the doors for Addyson to be in this class.  Words cannot thank you (and your children who you shared with the kids by bringing them every now and then to help... and Addyson still talks about them) enough for all you did for Addyson this year!
I think one of my hardest "Good Byes" was Ms. Merrily!  Ms. Merrily has been with Addyson for 2 years!  This was another God thing!  Ms. Merrily was the 3 year old teacher for a long time and had Addyson in class last year (and the year before, I was a substitute teacher for a day in Ms. Merrily's room and was SO impressed that I hoped one day Addyson would have her for a teacher!!!)!  This year she was suppose to be the "Specials' teacher but after the second week of school, she became the co-teacher in Addyson's room!  The two teachers made a perfect team!  Addyson was so blessed!
Addyson and Ms. Merrily have a special bond... but I guess that sort of naturally happens after 2 years of being together!  Ms. Merrily has been a major part of Addyson's beginning learning years and has been with Addyson through many life changes!  She was exactly who Addyson needed in her life these last couple of weeks as life at home got crazy!  Ms. Merrily always knew how to "reach" Addyson and I'm thankful for that!
Thank you Ms. Merrily for an amazing 2 years!  Your tender heart is so sweet with the kids.  The amazing art projects you came up with are so fun and will be treasured for years.  I often commented that I had no idea how you two teachers managed this class of active 3/4 year old but you did it and in style.  Addyson was so blessed to have you in her life these past 2 years.
Thank you Sonshine School for ALL of the memories you helped to create for ALL 3 of my kids!!!  The teachers and staff will have a special place in are hearts, memories, and photo books! : )  We will miss you all but will look back with fond memories and will be thankful for the learning path you have help put our kids on!
Good Bye Sonshine Bible School

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Shannon said...

This was a great post and I'm now crying-again! Can't wait to see you again this summer before you leave.