Thursday, May 30, 2013

Addyson's Last Gymnastics Class

I started Addyson in gymnastics when she was 16 months old... 2 months before the gym allows kids to start the Tiny Tot class but I knew she was ready and since the gym owners knew me, they never asked me how old she was.  So she has been doing gymnastics for the past 3 years at Durham's Gymnastics/ Hope and Dreams Gymnastics.
She loves it!  She has made so many friends, learned so many new tricks, and gained a lot of confidence!  She has had coaches that I coached when I worked at Durham's while going to university... funny how things have come full circle there!  We are really going to miss our weekly gymnastics class!  I really hope we'll be able to find some sort of gymnastics class in our new community in Saudi!  It is a great way for her to burn off some energy!
Addyson has been in Ms. Katie's class for a long time... at least the past year and a half and she has been so lucky to have her bestie Isabella in class with her for the past year!!!  It has also been easier on me... since we've had a carpooling friend to cut back on the weekly trips to Springdale!! :)
Thank you to Ms. Katie and all of Addyson's previous coaches at Durham's/ Hope and Dreams!  It has been a fun 3 years of gymnastics!  We are going to miss you all!

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