Friday, May 31, 2013

And He's Saudi

Brad's departure day finally arrived.  We really couldn't believe it was time and the day was actually here!  After months and months of talking about and planning for a day that seemed like it would never come... it came.... and went...
...and Brad was still in Arkansas!
I posted this picture on Facebook and joked that one of us was too scared to let Brad go and you had to figure out who.... 1) Brad, to scared to go alone or 2) Me, to scared to be alone with 3 kids by myself so I made him stay.  What would you guess????
In reality, there were really bad storms that delayed Brad's flight several times and then it ended up being canceled.  So after spending 2 hours at the airport, we loaded his 70# boxes back in the car and headed out for another "Last Supper".  Man, I'm SO glad I refused to "drop him off at the airport and leave" as he had suggested... that would have had me making another trip to the airport.
After another night together which Brad spent a lot of it on the phone trying to book another flight (turns out that wasn't so easy to do because the flights were booked!), we were able to spend another morning together doing some last minute stuff that got looked over the day before....
and then we headed BACK to the airport for ANOTHER "good bye"... I can't take all of these "good byes"!  This time was different though, we really didn't have a lot to say... we had already said it all... and it wasn't as sad as I thought it would be... I had already shed all my tears!  It was actually really nice to have a sweet "good bye".  At this point we were just thankful his flight wasn't delayed again and we could actually get "the show on the road"!  It isn't that fun living in limbo and out of boxes!
Our last family photo for the next 9.5 weeks!  Our next family photo will be at the airport in Saudi... if we remember!  Let's see how tired and stressed I look in the picture and how well rested Brad will look!! : )
And He's off to Saudi!!!
Please pray for/ send good vibes to our family as we transition to life in Saudi!  I know this will not be easy for Brad who will be alone and figuring out things on his own.  As much as he and I beg for some quiet, alone time... when we actually get it, it gets a little too quiet after a couple of days... not sure how he is going to do for a couple of months!  This will also be hard on the kids who will miss having their daddy around, miss having their things, and will probably have a sense of living in limbo that they will not be able to put to words.  And finally, please pray for/ send good calming vibes to me as I try to do my best for the 3 kids by myself as I handle things in Arkansas, dream of life in Saudi, and try to maintain some sense of "normalcy" for the kids and I as we live out of suitcases and on couches for the next 67 days (but who's counting?!?!).  67 days seems like A LOT of days but I know/ hope that before I know it I will be blogging about "And We're Off... to join Brad in Saudi"!!!

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