Tuesday, May 14, 2013

Celebrating Moms at School

Last Wednesday they had Muffins with Mom at Addyson and Ethan's school.  It is always fun to go to events at the kids' schools and see how the kids interact with the other kids, talk with the teachers, and meet other parents.  Wednesday was the last day of our Great Pack-Up and I was really exhausted but this was a great way to start my morning!!!
This year they had the moms go to their child's classroom and since I have 2 kids at the school, we opted to go sit in Addyson's classroom!  Ethan LOVES her room and likes hanging out in there so that was an added bonus for him!!!
After eating, Ethan quickly got down to do some playing with the big kid toys before I took him to his room.  Then, before the morning was over, Addyson's class sang some of their songs.  It was SO cute!!!

Gotta love it when your little brother tries to steal the stage!!  Luckily, all the little girls love him!! : )

Addyson wanted to go with me to drop off Ethan so we took that quiet time for a quick photo opt!  I can't believe she just has another week left at this school!  I have watched her grow up here and learn so much from her awesome teachers... her last day will be a sad day!
Today at Owen's school they had mass with Moms... and since my little kids don't have school today I brought them with!!!  Nammie went to so she stayed with Ethan in the back of church while I sat in the front row (Owen's favorite seat) with the 2 big kids.  We actually had all 3 priests at mass today so it was really special!  I love this time of year when the schools are doing special things with the moms and dads to celebrate them before the school year is over!

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