Wednesday, May 29, 2013

Faces in the Morning

Ethan wakes up about 5 every morning... some times it is 4:45 and some times it is 5:30... but it's about 5 EVERY morning... and I'm NOT a morning person!
He wants to get up and play... but Brad and I just want to lay in bed and rest.....
not only that but, the rest of the house is asleep so if we get up.... the rest of the house gets up....
so we try to hold him off AS LONG AS POSSIBLE!!
We do that by trying to entertain him in our room.....
or should I say "I" do that....
I try to pawn him off on Brad so I can turn over and get some sleep but Ethan says, "NO!"
Out of my desperation to turn something bad (waking up SO early when I DO NOT want to)
into something good... I turned our early mornings into "silly face" mornings!
We also do a lot of early morning snuggling.  Getting our love cup filled by 5:30am.
Not really what I want to be doing at 5:30 BUT, if I have to be up... I might as well be having fun with this cute little guy!....... is he EVER going to learn to sleep in?!?!

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