Friday, May 10, 2013

iPhone Pics of the Week

Cheersing with Great Pals after a long day of working at the house!
Best friends since college!
May I have this dance?!?!
Getting our fill in before it is forbidden in Saudi!
Garage sale... how you get rid of A TON of your stuff before the packers come!
It is exhausting playing at school.
Such a big helper!
Daddy found me and my mess/art work... I dumped out all of the baking powder... I found in a box sitting around... guess it is time to get unpacked at Nammie's!
Look Mommy, Ethan can ride on my shoulders!
Monkeying Around... one of Owen's favorite stuffed animals!
Going for a ride... Ethan's favorite toy!
It is really funny when I tip my scooter over!
Cooling off in the shade after soccer practice
I got to help with Owen's class at lunch while the teachers ate for Teacher Appreciation Week!
With Owen's pal Sylvia... they've been pals since day 1 of school!
Date Night at Chick-fil-A with my handsome Knight
At Toys R Us to do a bit of shopping to finish off our date night.... and we are soaked!  It is storming and we have NO umbrella!!!

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