Friday, May 17, 2013

iPhone Pics of the Week

Brewster Farwell Party with Forbidden Fruit
We let Ethan like the cake spatula... but he wasn't sure what to think about it! : )
Sleepover with Kellen and Paz in Nammie's living room... part of having company and being homeless!
Helping make Mother's Day breakfast!
Fun with friends at the park
Celebrating Pelinsu turning 2!
Blowing bubbles
Swinging best friends
Swinging siblings
I had Addyson go to her room for timeout... looks like she did some serious thinking about why she was in timeout... NOT!  Crazy girl... always thinking of the next silly thing!
LOVE her new Do!!!!
SUCH a big boy!!  Sleeping in his big bed with a pillow and blanket (and he covered himself up!).  Sweet dreams!
Walton Arts Center show with Owen's class
Going On a Bear Hunt with my boys (and Addyson who refuses to have her picture taken!)
See.... she is there with us!! :)
The next Mozart!
"Cheese" pizza!!!!
On our way to Puerto Rico!!!
After the stressful month I had, this girls' trip was just what I needed to relax!!

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