Friday, May 24, 2013

iPhone Pics of the Week

Enjoying some quiet time on the beach!
Birthday Trip for my dear friend Angela!
Time to snorkel!
Glad mommy is home!!!
Passed out!
Fell asleep on the way to dinner... with his shield from our date night last week!  Too much excitement these days! : )
Taking flowers to our friends
Breakfast outside!
Poor Girl.. she started the sickness bug that went through our house.... then Ethan got it, then Owen, then Mommy, and Daddy got a mild version!  Thankfully it was a 24 hour bug!
Ethan checking on Addyson... this is probably why he got sick!
So big, he needs his own bagel cluster from Einstein Brothers!
When it is your first day of summer... first non-uniform day... you get to wear whatever you want!
I shouldn't let this baby eat messy food in the car!!!
His first morning of summer vacation, he wanted to nap in my arms!
Shopping with 3 kids... I'm gonna have to get use to this!
I'm amazed at what this baby can do with an iPad!  They learn so quickly!
Big sister always wants to help!
Fishing with Daddy... one happy boy!!!!

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