Friday, May 31, 2013

iPhone Pics of the Week

Buying flowers for his teacher at the Farmer's Market
Feeding the squirrels at Nammie's house.
Pool Party
Taking pictures of Owen opening gifts, "Cheese!"
Playing with Owen's new iPad
Quick dinner date at LaHuerta.... yummy pineapple fajitas!
Cheers!  One of our last big beers before Brad leaves!
This is what he does at 5am... plays in the blinds!
Walking to meet my family for dinner!  Another perk of living at my mom's!
Trying to keep Ethan still so Mommy can fill out paperwork at the bank.
Addyson went glassses shopping with Daddy and told him he should get these!! : )
A last family lunch at Flying Burrito
Gonna miss my partner in crime!!!
Sweet and messy boys!
As we were talking about live and social media.. after bringing Brad back home from the airport he said, "# living out of boxes"..... too funny!!!!
"Here Daddy, want a bite?!?!"
Eating blueberries for the first time!!!!
We found a new favorite breakfast spot at the Depot off Dickson!!!
She is so big, she no longer colors while waiting for her food to come... she paints her nails!
Off he goes!
She doesn't fall asleep often but when she does... she crashes!!!

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