Monday, May 6, 2013

Never Too Busy to Save Bunnies

 We are close to the Great Pack-Up and life is CRAZY..... I am starting to feel the pressure of maintaining the house, feeding the kids, AND getting ready to move.  Life is stressful and I am NOT being a very nice person.  People keep telling me I need to "give up" on the things that I try to do on our normal day; eat at home, recycle, etc but the idea of eating on paper plates with plastic forks and throwing it all away 3 times a day is a bit much to grab ahold of and do when I fight SO hard against that.... but then the reality of cooking and cleaning 3 times a day leaves me NO time to get ahead of chores and actually work on packing.... and that... makes me not a very nice person (did I also mention that the lack of sleep due to Ethan's crazy sleep habits is also taking a toll on me?).  After an explosive morning (both Brad and I  are in the same boat, moving brings out the worse in people and that is your average more... imagine that with the additional stress over an overseas move with 3 kids) Brad and I talked a couple of hours later about how we are not proud of ourselves, we are better than this, and while we are stressed, it is NO excuse to act the way we did... so we vowed to change.... we owe it to ourselves AND our kids!
Fast forward to tonight, we had gotten home from dinner out (I finally realized that things HAD to change in order to start making progress and to alleviate some of the stress) and we heard our neighbor screaming.. What on earth could be going on?  Did she find a poisonous snake???  No, she found 5 tiny, newborn bunnies in a nest in her garden.  Cute, right?!?!  Not in her book.  Her husband came over, picked up the bunnies, and.... I quickly asked, "What are you going to do with those bunnies?" to which he replies, "I'm going to thrown them over the fence!!!" I was shocked and I looked to his wife to see her response (surely she would reject... there were several kids around for pete's sake!) and she said, "Oh good, maybe now our garden will grow!!!"  Really?!?!  Are you kidding me?!?!  I quickly said, "NO!  No!  Don't do that!  I'll take them!" to which the neighbor said, "You better hurry because I'm about to toss them!"  So I ran home, got our dog carrier, and put the babies and nest in the carrier.  Came home, made a few phone calls, and found a rescue to take them to in the morning.  I looked at Brad, who I'm sure thinks I'm crazy but this is one reason why he loves me..... right?!?!, and said, "I know we don't really need THIS on our plates right now but I think it is the right thing to do, right?!?!"  And of course he agreed.  The baby bunnies made it through the night and my mom took the bunnies up to a vet in Rogers who holds animals for the wildlife rescue until she can pick them up.  Our good dead was done and life carried on.... and several lessons were learned.
After much reflection on the events that took place, I came to the conclusion that GOD was trying to teach not only Brad and I a lesson but our kids as well....
NO matter how busy you are, you are NEVER too busy to stop and save the bunnies
This lesson could not have come at a better time, it really helped put everything in perspective.  The move will happen, even if there are dirty dishes in the sink.  Also, how we treat each other and how we all feel about ourselves and the people around us shouldn't be compromised because of what we feel to be a buy schedule.   The reality is, how we feel about the choices we make at the end of the day we have to live with and we have to explain to our kids.  I'm SO glad we made the right choice to stop to save the bunnies and remind ourselves and our kids to love one another, all of GOD's creatures!

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