Wednesday, May 8, 2013

Our New Normal

So this is what our new "normal" looks like mixed with our old "normal"!  Kids shirtless/ pants-less and ready to enjoy an evening outside... that is old "normal"... but spending the beautiful evening in Nammie's front yard with a garage filled with all of your stuff in boxes in the background and a mom that is exhausted from an emotional move... well that's part of our new "normal"!  You know, when we were dreaming and making plans about living our dream, we NEVER accounted for this chapter of our lives that would be our new normal for a couple of months... we never knew that living out your dream would look like this.....
33, homeless, and living on our mother (-in-law)'s couch.
We never thought this would be part of our new "normal"!!! ; )
We just have to keep our eye on the prize and remember this is only a temporary normal....
the best is yet to come!!!

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