Wednesday, May 15, 2013

Owen's End of the Year Performance

Tonight Owen had his end of the year performance at his school.  The 2 kindergarten classes performed with the 2 2nd grade classes!  We all gathered in the new gym to watch the fun!!  And while we waited for the show to start, Ethan and Addyson shared some sweet sibling moments!
True sibling love!!
They hugged and carried on like this for over 5 minutes!  It was really sweet!!!
Waiting to watch Owie!
Then, when we spotted Owen, Ethan couldn't stop waving, calling out "Owie!!!", and trying to take Owen's picture....
He is saying, "Cheese, cheese, cheese!!!" as in "CHEESE" to take a picture and the camera battery was dead so it wasn't turning on and making him so made... he got so loud that Brad had to leave with him to not disturb the show!
Owen LOVES finding us in the crowd, he smiles, and waves to us.  He was loving all of the attention from Ethan!
Sweet boy, I can't believe we are at the end of his kindergarten year.... he survived.... I survived!  And it was a great year!  We are going to miss Mrs. Neumeier, his friends, and the school!  It has been an awesome year!
The whole group!
The show was based on spring time, flowers growing, riding bikes, opening the windows to let the sunshine in!  Really cute!  And at some point in the show, each kid had a part to play from holding flowers up, doing a skit, playing a small instrument.  It was great to watch each child take pride in their part!
Owen was part of a skit with a speaking part!!
He practice the whole thing at home and it was neat to see it in action!
"Listen to the water rolling down the river"
I LOVE watching Owen sing!  He is really expressive!  So much so that other parents noticed and were commenting on it!  He really gets into it and loves to sing!
That's great form, right?!?! : )

On the way home from school today he told me he would like me to bring him"something special" for after the show.  I suggested going out for ice cream or something fun and he said, "No, that isn't something special to bring to the show" so I had to ask for more information.  Turns out, Sylvia's dad came to see the show at the school today that they put on for the whole school (Owen told me he was a bit nervous to perform in front of everyone but did it! : )  ) and after the show, Sylvia's dad gave her a flower.... so the bar was set....
So to not disappoint..... we got Owen something special for after the show... daddy actually dropped us off at the school to get a seat and then he ran to the flower shop to get Owen's surprise.
Addyson gave it to him and he was SO happy!  It is the simple pleasures in life!
What a good looking bunch... the flowers and us!! : )
Owen did decide that ice cream did sound like a good idea after all.... after he got his flowers.... so we went for some frozen yogurt at the place by the school... us and a ton of other St. Joe's families! : )  I had a feeling we'd end up there... but that's okay... there is lots to celebrate and we are trying to squeeze in as much "fun" as we can before Brad leaves in 2 weeks!!
So proud of my little singer!  What a great end of the year performance!

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