Saturday, May 25, 2013

Owen's School Birthday Party

Today we celebrated this sweet boy's "fake" birthday for the second time (probably will celebrate another time or 2 closer to his actual birthday).  
One of the other items I bid on and won at the Fiesta Night silent auction at his school was a pool party at Ms. Mee's house... Ms. Mee is the Center's teacher for the 2 kindergarten classes and has Owen about half of the day.  I was So excited I won!  I knew, back in March, it would be the perfect way for Owen to celebrate his birthday with his school friends!
I wanted to have the party before Brad left for Saudi so he could help Owen celebrate his birthday so we ended up having to have the party on Memorial Day weekend.... I was afraid a lot of people wouldn't be able to come  because it was a holiday weekend... but we ended up having a pool full!!!
Poor Ethan was up ALL night long with the stomach bug Addyson had.  I don't think Brad or I slept more than an hour last night so I wasn't sure how the party was going to go... or if Ethan would make it... but it seems like his bug only lasted 12 hours (but in FULL force those 12 hours) and my mom came to help as back up with him so Brad and I could focus on the rest of the kids and party!
The party included both Ms. Mee and Mrs. Neumeier there to "help" with the party as well as snacks, drinks, and pizza!  It was perfect!  I loved having an already planned party just ready for us to walk into!  And I didn't have to do much!  Here is Mrs. N taking pizza orders!
Having a blast with his friends!  I think it was fun for them to reconnect after a day of summer vacation!
Owen and Sylvia
Sweet Sienna!  Another one of Owen's dear friends. He told me, "Mom, I think Sienna and Asher like me."  So cute to hear as they try to figure out relationships and how they work!
Syliva, Owen, Addyson, Oliver, and Sienna
Canyon, Fletcher, Coleman, Keeley, and Ian
After an hour and a half of swimming, it was time to get out and eat!  Ms. Mee did a great job of providing so many yummy kid treats!!!  It was perfect!
Look at my little man who is trying to show off how big he is!!!!  He is constantly keeping up with the big 2!!!!! No more sippy cup and pizza cut up needed!
After dinner, the kids got back in the pool!  They were having such a great time that we opted for more swim time instead of opening gifts there!!!  Ms. Mee even let them eat Popsicles in the pool!  How fun!!!
You would never know that this mohawk baby was up all night throwing up!!!  He had so much fun in the pool floating with daddy and watching the big kids!!!  Thanks Brad for getting in the pool!  And I'm glad to say that he wasn't the only parent in the pool and he wasn't the only dad there!  It was great!
This pool party was a perfect way to end the year!  I will miss this class!  I have enjoyed getting to know all of the kids and their parents and have loved being the Homeroom Mom!!!  I'm so glad we got this "good bye"!
No birthday party would be complete without some birthday cake (or cupcakes) and blowing out the candles!  So we got the kids out of the pool one last time to wrap up the awesome evening!
Unlike Addyson's party, I made sure to get a family shot!!! : )

Oliver and Sienna
Owen and Hayden
Coleman and Kaylin (the kids we use to carpool with) wanted Owen to open up their gift before they left.  After that, Owen wanted to know when we were going home... he was ready to open the rest of his presents! : )
Thank you Mrs. Neumier and Ms. Mee for an awesome end of the year/ birthday party!!! And thank you for a great school year!  It was ALL more than I could ask for!  You ladies are the best!!!  We love you both so much and will miss you!!!
Because we were celebrating Owen's birthday with Brad and we wouldn't get to celebrate with him again, we gave Owen his gift from us after he had finished opening all of his gifts from his friends.  He was SO excited to see what he got!!!
"My very own iPad!  This is the best birthday ever!!"
Owen was SO excited to get his gift, share it with his siblings, and show it off to his Daddy and Nammie!!!  It was really cute to watch!
He just kept snuggling up to his daddy and giving him hugs and looking up with a hug grin!  Made the whole day totally worth it!
Ok, so I wouldn't normally get a 6 year old an iPad so I have to explain.... we have one iPad mini that is "mine" that I let the kids play with on long car trips and that's about it... no playing every day or anything like that... They are good about sharing but at times, on long trips, it would be nice if there was an extra one to pass around..... which brings up the second iPad.... and because there is a SUPER long trip on our future.... like one to Saudi Arabia that I'm doing by MYSELF with the kids.... we/ I thought it would be nice to have an extra mini iPad for... and giving it to Owen would be a perfect gift.... as long as he understands he has to share it... which he does..... so there you go!
Happy "Fake "Birthday, Owen!!!!  We love you SO much and enjoyed every minute of celebrating with you today!!!!

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