Thursday, May 16, 2013

Pizza Party at Owen's School

How cute are these little guys praying with their eyes closed.  I LOVE it!  Why are they praying???
We were getting ready to eat pizza in their classroom!!!  And they pray every day before lunch!!
The school has their large fundraiser every February around Valentine's Day called Fiesta Night and Brad and I go every year as our Valentine's Day date!  We LOVE it!  This year was extra fun because we knew a lot of the families and we knew the teachers who had donated items for the Silent Auction!  We also do not buy each other anything for Valentine's Day.. we take the money we would spend and use it at the Silent and Live Auction instead.  I'm a sucker for Silent Auctions and bid away on a couple of items for Owen to do with his class... and I won both of them....Funny that I spent MY gift money on Owen... guess that's part of being a mom, eh?!?!  Heck, what do I need anyways?  I knew I'd get joy out of this gift and sharing it with Owen!
This pizza party was one of the things I won!  A mom of a St. Joe's student actually donated it.  She brought pizza and drinks for the whole class and we got to eat in their classroom!!!  So fun!!!
And it was a bit of extra fun because Ethan AND Daddy got to join us for the fun!!!  Now that Brad isn't working full time (he is contacting for them now) he is more flexible and can join us during the day for lunch and other fun activities!  It was great.  Addyson, if you are wondering where you were... you had gymnastics so you went to that with Isabella and we brought you pizza when we picked you up.... sorry you had to miss this one.
The kids had SO much fun.. and they ate almost ALL of the pizza!  I couldn't believe it.  Most kids had 2-3 big pieces each!  Where do they put it?!?!
Ethan finished up eating and made his rounds visiting his friends!  He knows they love him there!
He was also a big helper and helped daddy clean up after lunch!  I tried to have Brad and I do as much as possible so it was a bit of a break for Mrs. N on top of being fun for the kids!
Owen never gets to celebrate his birthday with his class since he has a summer birthday.  It wasn't an issue until he saw that Addyson got to celebrate her birthday at school and then he realized he was missing out on the fun.  Knowing that, I try to make it a point for him to celebrate his birthday some way at school... so that's what we used this pizza party for!  So, after we cleaned up from pizza.... the class sang "Happy Birthday" to him... funny how he doesn't smile when they are singing... almost like he doesn't like or know what to do with all of the attention!
Then Mrs. N told him what came next.....
....not cake...nope, not yet... his birthdy paddling came next.... I love the look on his face when he heard that!! :)
She does this with all of the kids on their birthday... She gets out her paddle and they have to bend over the chair...
then she "paddles" the birthday kid as the other students count (of course she never makes contact with the child).  It was so fun to listen to the kids and watch O as he got his birthday spankings!
Glad that is over with!! : )
To complete his birthday celebration I brought a cookie cake, per his request!  Time to get a picture with daddy... and Ethan sticks his hand right into the frosting!!  haha!
"Cheese!" "MMMMmmmm!!!"
So glad Brad was able to be there to celebrate with us... especially since he won't be with us to celebrate Owen's birthday with him at the end of June... this means that Brad will get to celebrate Owen's birthday with him 2 out of the 4 "parties" we'll be having ; )
When I first told Owen that I had this pizza/ birthday party planned for him he said, "I don't want a fake birthday" so I was a bit worried he wasn't really into the idea and wouldn't like it... I then explained to him that in order for him to celebrate his birthday at school... he HAS to have a "fake birthday".... he wasn't convinced of the idea but, I think after the fun we had this afternoon he was SO glad to have his "fake birthday" with his friends at school!  I know I'm sure glad I bid on that pizza party 3 months ago!!!  Happy Fake Birthday Owen!!!  We love you!

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