Monday, May 27, 2013

Night for the Kids with the Bryants

Georgia and Josh offered to watch the kids for a night so Brad and I could have a mini getaway before he leaves.  I knew it would be good for ALL of us to get away!  The move, living at my mom's, the stress..... it is all getting to us.  So escaping and having the kids stay with 2 well rested adults was perfect for them!  Aunt Georgia and Uncle Josh had lots of fun stuff planed and the fun started right away!!!
They all headed to the river to spend the afternoon!!!  Looks like they had lots of fun!  I warned her about Ethan and how much he had NO fear of water... but it turns out that Addyson was the one that wondered off!!  Ethan chilled in Aunt Georgia's lap most of the time and Owen spent his time throwing rocks trying to get his rocks to reach the other side of the bank...and by the end of their time there, he had made it!! : )  Uncle Josh had to spend his time sticking close to Addyson who wanted to ride the rapids!! : )  Sounds fun!
After a afternoon at the river, everyone worked up an appetite for dinner!  And Addyson helped cook!
Right after dinner, the stomach bug hit Owen!  : (  Poor guy!  Thankfully he just got sick that one time!  But, because he was sick, I had asked Georgia to switch up the sleeping arrangement... Addyson was suppose to sleep beside Owen... so they went to put Addyson on the couch and she insisted she HAD to sleep with someone (she has been a bit spoiled these past couple of months by sleeping with Owen) so she ended up sleeping between Georgia and Josh.... boy, talk about being THROWN into parenthood with sick kids, kids in bed with you, blow out diapers.... awwww, the joys!
 We had offered to come pick up Owen but they refused.... and I was thankful... I was sick as well in our hotel room and didn't really have the energy to tend to Owen... and I'm glad we didn't... Owen ended up feeling better by morning!  So much so that he went with Aunt Georgia and Addyson to the park to play while Ethan took his morning nap!
Sounds like all in all, everyone had a great sleepover!!!  I think there will be more fun adventures like this with the Bryants in the future!!! : )

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