Monday, May 27, 2013

Weekend in Branson

This weekend we spent a couple of nights in Branson for one last family trip before Brad left.  We left Sunday morning and dropped the kids off with Aunt Georgia and Uncle Josh for a sleepover and Brad and I headed to Branson for a night kid free.... we were so thankful to get that time together... and we had big plans....
The day started off great, we went to lunch and then went to see the Redneck Tenors... Brad got tickets from one of his clients at work.  It was SO fun..... and then I got sick.... remember Addyson and Ethan had a bug... well I was hoping since no one had been sick for the past 24 hours that maybe the rest of us would miss the bug.  I was wrong! : (  I tried to go to dinner with Brad but I just watched him eat and then we had to leave... it was back to the hotel for us so I could go to bed.  I was SO sad that I was spending our kid free night sick... but at least we just got to relax and watch tv and neither one of us had to be taking care of kids.  When I checked in with Georgia to see how thing were... I found out that Owen had just thrown up.... OH..... we ALL got the darn bug!  Brad got a mild version and Owen's didn't last a full 24 hours.... At that point I was glad we were all getting it out of our system at once... not an ideal way to spend a fun weekend night but that's all part of the "fun" of life, right?!?!
Monday morning, Brad left me at the hotel while he went to the mall to do some shopping... part of our plan was to do our yearly shopping at the outlet mall.  It really all worked out.  I was able to join him for an hour and quickly grab what I needed before we headed to pick up the kids!  We had a really nice lunch with Georgia and Josh, I could tell Owen was better, and I was on the upswing to feeling better.  I was about 3 hours away from my 24 hour bug being gone and I was just hoping mine was actually going to be 24 hours and not longer... we had BIG plans and I wanted to enjoy the fun!  We loaded the kids in the car and headed back to Branson!  The boys were asleep before we left Harrison!  Looks like they had a good time with Aunt Georgia and Uncle Josh!! : )
The kids got in a quick nap and woke up as we were pulling up to our BIG surprise!!!  We were staying the night at Welk Resort in Branson that has a great pool play area!!!  The kids could see the pool from the car and wanted to know how quickly we get go there!
After a LONG check-in process (the one downside to the hotel), we went to our room to quickly change over and the fun began!!!
Well not right away from Ethan... he got a much shorter nap than usual so he had a hard time waking up and he was taking in all of the fun... this is his first trip to a water park so he wasn't even sure where to begin!
Beside the outside splash pad, there was a great pool that was half inside and half outside!!!  It was huge and the water was perfect!!!  We spent A LOT of time swimming!!!  An hour into it I was feeling great and was SO thankful that we all had the bug behind us and we could fully enjoy the rest of our trip!
The hotel also has a water slide!!!  I talked Owen into going down with me... but I had to ride with him and he had to wear floaties!  He was so brave walking up there... and then it took me several minutes to talk him into actually getting on the slide with him.... I'm not sure if he agreed or I picked him up and put him on my lap but... however it worked out.....
We made it down!!! : )
I picked him up right away so he didn't go under water (although he can swim underwater) and I think he enjoyed it... although he didn't want to ride it again! ; )
The kids might have not been a fan of the slide... but mom and dad sure were!!!! : )  When I needed a break from kids riding on my back... I went down the slide... because I knew they wouldn't follow me! : )
Mom, no pictures... I'm tired and hungry!!!
There was a mini splash pad inside too... and the water was cold!! : ) I love this picture!
This trip with just the 5 of us was JUST what we needed after a really LONG month!  It was SO good to reconnect and just relax.  There was no rushing around, no need to get anywhere... just playing with the kids and doing what they wanted and letting them make memories with their daddy (and me!)!  We had to squeeze our summer of fun into 2 days... and we made the most of it!
Dinner by the pool!  Sounds great!
Snow cones and a Root Beer float by the pool.... perfect!!!  Sounds like summer has begun!!!!
Poor Ethan thought MY float was HIS... and didn't like me digging in HIS cup with MY spoon!!! : )  He must not know me very well.... when would I ever give a 1.5 year old his own ice cream... much less soda?!?!  ; )
After a wonderful afternoon/evening, it got all tucked into bed... we knew our morning would start early with our mini alarm clock... that goes by the name of Ethan... he likes to "sound" around 5:30 every morning....
We just had to look at the bright side, waking up SO early gave us LOTS of time to enjoy the resort and squeeze in as much fun as possible before leaving!
An early round of mini golf in your jammies....I think I will!
But this wasn't the start of our day.... nope, by this point we had already been up for several hours!
We had already had a long breakfast... that included several cups of coffee for mom and dad!!
And we had already been to the park to play and swing!
Mini golf was just our last stop before heading over to check out more of the resort!
Before leaving, Owen insisted on playing ALL 9 holes... so he did!  What else did we have to rush to?  Nothing.  It was such a perfect morning!
Ethan was also busy perfecting his "sweep" move to get his ball in the hole!
Daddy tried to show them all how it was done!
Score.... when all else fails... just put the ball in the hole yourself!! :)
On to the next hole!
Morning with my girl!!! : )
Next stop, the game room!
Ethan wanted in on the fun!
Big brother vs. little brother
Daddy vs. the little two
Mommy had fun being beat by Owen in foosball... but no one gets my picture unless I ask or take it myself!  So here is our after game pic!
Addyson relaxed and watched some Doc McStuffins on TV.... she is a little addicted to that show!
Showing Ethan my moves
After lots of time filling our time with things at the resort, the pool was FINALLY open... only downside... we were tired and Ethan was ready for a nap!  I thought about letting E nap in the room while I packed up and Brad took the older two to the pool but...
 When Ethan saw everyone putting on their swimsuits... he wanted his on too and didn't want to be left behind!  He is really aware these days about what the older two or getting or doing and he doesn't want to be left out!
Owen is really getting brave in the pool!  He is swimming under water, jumping in, letting Brad throw him up, and he is jumping off of Brad!  He has really come far in his confidence in the pool!  That makes life a bit easier since we have the younger two to really keep our eyes on.....
which was really needed today!  Addyson kept wanting to swim in the waterslide pool but it had a really bad under tow and it kept pulling her towards the slide and almost pulled her under.... as I was trying to get her.. for the SECOND time... she doesn't listen so well... I saw Ethan out of the corner of my eye go for a ball and fell in the pool!  UGH!!!!  I was wearing my swim dress and holding my phone... and I went in as is to get my baby!  SO scary but SO thankful I was right there!!!
I was glad he was safe.. but he wasn't too thrilled about the experience!  Poor guy!
After a super busy morning and an hour of lots of swimming... we were all getting a bit tired.  But we didn't really want to leave just yet.  I wanted to stay as long as possible....
So we just relaxed a bit before another round of swimming....
with Daddy !: )
While the big two swam and got in the hot tub with Daddy... I put Ethan to sleep for a quick morning nap poolside!  Awwww... so relaxing!
Is this the international sign for... we are ALL hungry, tired, and ready to go?!?! : )  Actually, right after this, I left Ethan to nap on the chair and we got to swim with the big kids.  It was a little treat to swim and not have to worry about carrying a baby.  It was good to give the big kids some one-on-one attention and I did some swimming by myself and went down the water slide a couple of times to get my fill before going!  It was such a perfect morning.. and mini getaway!
On the way home, we stopped for a lunch of BBQ pork... gotta help Brad get his fill of that forbidden Saudi "fruit" before he heads out in a couple of days!  I'm sad he is leaving so soon and we won't get the summer together to make memories but this trip was such a nice treat to try to squeeze in as much of our summer as possible!  Our Weekend in Branson was just what we needed before our 2 months apart!

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