Sunday, May 19, 2013

While Mom's Away

I spent the past 4 days in Puerto Rico for a Girls' Trip to celebrate my friend Angela's 40th birthday!!  It was SO much fun and so relaxing!  Just what I needed to relax after the stressful month and to get myself ready to be a single mom for 2 months and a week until we fly over to meet up with Brad in Saudi.  I enjoyed sleeping in, drinking my coffee on the beach, reading a book, eating hot meals, talking with friends, and late nights of laughs!  It was perfect.  And you know what, I didn't even worry about the kids (I thought about them often though), I knew they were in good hands!
 Brad's long weekend with the kids started first thing Friday morning!  I had to be out the door at 5 to meet my ride to the airport... and at that point Ethan was awake and the fun began!  Brad had to get all 3 kids dressed, lunches made, and out the door on time to take everyone to school before he went into work!  He did it...and was on time!  He even had time to snap a picture of Addyson in her "candy dress" per her request and send it to me!!  Put a smile on my face first thing in the morning and hundred of miles away!
I left with a list of activities for the kids to do.... and an empty fridge.  Oops! I realized that I didn't really set Brad up for success.... I didn't pre-shop, prep meals, get him help, ... nothing!  I was SO busy with the move that this trip kind of snuck up on me!  Luckily Friday lunch and dinner was planned so he had a bit of time to get ready for Saturday!  Friday night he took the kids to a birthday party Addyson was invited to at Boingo Bounce and they had pizza for dinner!
The fun didn't stop there!  He took all 3 of them to a swimming birthday party that Owen was invited to by Hayden.  And if you know Ethan and water... then you know what a BIG job this was!  Ethan loves swimming and has no Brad had his hands full!
And the fun didn't stop there!!!  After the birthday party, he drove the kids to Harrison, Arkansas to go to the crawfish festival with Georgia and Josh!  And let me say, when you are not use to managing 3 kids on a full time basis, being thrown into it and having a list of activities to take them to is a lot!  I was so proud of him for keeping him and the kids busy... and for taking so many pictures for me to help document it!
I was talking with the other moms that I was with and they all have either older kids or less kids and they were talking about how much help their husbands had with the kids and how the kids weren't even home the whole time with their dad and I realized what a BIG job Brad had... he had all 3 kids and NO help!
Well I guess that's not completely true... he did have help from Georgia and Josh at the festival... but you get my point!  He was a trooper!
Festivals are especially hard these days because one kid wants to do one thing and the other kids want to do something different so keeping up with them all and making them all happy takes several arms and sets of eyes to keep everyone safe!
What's for lunch?!?!
Say "Cheese"... I'm getting ready to eat you!!
Notice how Addyson and Ethan are together and Owen is off doing his own thing?!?!  This is how they run these days!  Owen is turning the point and is becoming a big boy and plays big boy things independently!  Addyson likes to do this with Ethan and makes sure that he is following her around so she can take care of him!  And Ethan is happy to oblige!
Brad was also telling me that not only did he get the kids places, dressed, and on time... he also packed snack bags and lunches where ever they went!  He was really on top of it all!  Maybe he could be a stay-at-home dad like he always threatens when I say it is too much for me!! : )
The kids had a great time at the festival... sounds like that had a great and busy day.... on the way home they ended up going through the drive through to get a bit more to eat since the crawfish didn't really fill anyone up and they had an hour and a half drive home. 
All ready for church and watching a show before they go... that's right!  Brad even took all 3 kids to church by himself... my mom wasn't even there to help him at church!  I had people tell me after my trip that they saw Brad at church with our crew and they were super impressed!!! : )
After church on Sunday, he took the kids to another festival!  This time it was in Fayetteville!!!  I guess Saturday's festival went so well he thought he'd give it another try!
Every year in May there is a big festival supporting local business on Block Street and we love going so when I heard that this was going on this weekend, I figured it would be a great thing for Brad to take the kids to!  There are lots of kid activities, especially if you go early!
Tye dying a shirt is always high on the "to do" list at the Block Street party!
Don't you think you are a little  bit big for the front seat, Owen?!?!  : )
Another favorite activity to do at  festivals is to get their faces painted!  Today was no different! : )
Owen picked a Blue Jay for the Toronto Blue Jays!! : )
Addyson got a guitar!  She is funny these days about the things she picks out!
The fun didn't stop there!!!  After nap, the kids took a walk to the grassy area next to my mom's house for an afternoon of outside fun....
complete with pudding cups for all....
... and kites to fly!!!!
Sounds like Sunday was another perfect day from start to finish!!!
One more activity to do before mom gets home, a trip to feed the ducks after school!!!!  Sounds like that had 4 days jam packed full of fun.... maybe mom should leave more often!!!! :)

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