Friday, May 24, 2013

Who Brought Balloons

What a day it has been..... sickness, "Good Byes", packing, Owen's first day of summer vacation.... it was a bit emotional and we all needed a good dose of outside time so that's exactly what we did.  We live right next to a good fishing pond now and a good park so Brad and I split up to take advantage of the nice weather and some one-on-one time before he heads out in less than a week!  Owen sees this pond every time we drive by and he has been BEGGING to go fishing... the only problem is, we packed up our fishing poles to ship to Saudi!  So Brad ran to the store to get some poles we can leave in Fayetteville so we have them summers when we return home.  He took Owen fishing and the two of them fished for hours... Owen even passed up a dinner invite from us to fish another 2 hours before they headed home for the night.  There is a side road by the pond that I drove down so I could sneak this picture!! : )  So glad I did!
While the big guys fish, I had to entertain the little two... one that was just getting over being sick but was starting to get her energy back and I think she was ready to be off the couch and running around after 24 hours of laying around, so we headed to the park!
First stop was the swings, these 2 LOVE to swing!!!!  They could swing for hours.  I tire from pushing long before they tire from swinging!
The weather was SO nice and the lighting was perfect to get some good shots but Addyson has a slight aversion to the camera these days!  She looks away and refuses to smile... stinker!
And then I end up with pictures like this that look like she is miserable and not having fun.... not the case!  Hopefully she'll outgrow this soon.... we are headed on a BIG adventure and you know I'll be taking tons of pictures! 
Even though she tries to avoid me.... I get a smile every now and then!!!
And sometimes when I call her name I can get her to look and I can capture a cute picture!  Doesn't happen often though... she is getting hip to that trick! : )

I was begging Addyson to get in these "selfie" pictures with me but she was refusing.... until I bribed her...she wanted something and I told her I'd help her get it if she smiled.... so she did! : )  Then... I had to help....
See, a couple of kids at the park had balloons and she wanted one but I had NO idea where they got the balloons from....well, I kind of do.  There was a birthday party at the park that was finishing up as we were getting there and I'm sure the balloons were from there but... how did the non-party goers get balloons?!?!  A mystery.... until we saw a mom go get another balloon.... from this trash bag....
Then the mystery was solved!  Who brought the balloons??? The birthday party brought the balloons.  They must have had leftover unused, blown up balloons that they didn't know what to do with... so they put them in the trash bag with the rest of the yucky trash from the party... and I just had to "dumpster dive" to get them out.... and then get creative to find a string to tie to the balloons for the kids to play with... which meant more digging through the trash... I'm glad I didn't know any of the moms at the park... who knows what they were thinking!
I know what I was thinking.... Oh, the things you do for your kids... and where is "hanatizer" (hand sanitizer) when I need it?!?!
But the yucky work was well worth it!  I pulled the plastic string in the trash bags (used to tie them up) out of the bag and stretched it out to make a thinner "string" to tie around the balloon and "Viola!" 
I had a balloon on a string for each kid and everyone was happy!
Well for the most part everyone was happy!  Addyson's spicy side is back in full force now that she feels better and she thought it was fun to tease the boys with the balloons.... look at that smile as she dangles the balloons in front of them! : )
Poor Ethie was just running behind her, reaching for the balloon, and screaming.... and she just giggled!
Yes, I said "boys" earlier... there were twin boys at the park that were around Ethan's age and they were in love with the balloons too... I know what their mom was thinking...."Why didn't I think of that?!?"  See, I got the last 3 balloons.... one popped after I dug two out so I went back and dug the last balloon out of the trash bag.... and now there were 2 balloons and 4 kids in our play area and 2 other kids watching.  What a mess..... "Who brought these balloons and why aren't there more?!?!"
While Addyson was teasing the boys, Ethan was doing a great job of sharing!!!  Every time he got a balloon from Addyson he would take it over to share with the boys!  I was SO impressed that he was trying to share without even being ask!  Sweet boy!  I wonder how long that will last?!?!  Then... the balloon got away, landed on the grass and popped.... and the same thing happened with Addyson's.....
Awwww... then there were no balloons to fight over and we could resume to our usual park fun!!!  Better!
There were really sweet moments as these two slid down the slide together... and of course moments of spiciness when Addyson would lay at the top and block the entrance to both slides as Ethan would try to sit down to slide!  What a goof!  They finally turned it into a fun game.... they would hold hands and slide down together, then Ethan would say "Ta Da! and throw his arms in the air, Ethan would run around the jungle gym to take the ladder up, Addyson would climb up the slide and lay down in front of the slide, Ethan would get to her and sign "Please", she would move, and they would slide down together!  They did this probably 20 times!  I love it when the kids can work things out and turn moments of aggravation into moments of fun/tenderness/love! : )
"Mom look, Ethan is getting bigger!!!!  He is THIS big!!!!"
What a perfect ending to an emotional day!!!

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