Saturday, June 29, 2013

Owen's Party at Chuck E. Cheese

Ok, it is time for the last birthday celebration for Owen.... his celebrating started over a month ago with his party with his school friends... and we have been celebrating ever since!!!  I wanted him to be able to celebrate with some of his best friends in Fayetteville so we had a small gathering at Chuck E. Cheese for the birthday boy!
The kids had SO much fun!  I love how the boys are giving High 5s because of how many tickets they just won! :)
Ethan spent a lot of time in the riding cars... and usually his sister was right beside him or offering him some sort of assistance!
And we had ONE girl for Addyson to play with!!!  Poor Sister, so many of our friends have all boys!  We are SO thankful for the Dixons who have kids are kids ages and the same gender!  Makes get togethers so much easier!
Friendly game of Air Hockey
I love how E is right in the middle of them.... both girls are so good with taking care of Ethan!
Even the adults got in on the fun!!! : )
Time for pizza!
High 5s...
.. and hugs for Chuck E.
Then he was crowned the birthday boy!!
Get ready to make a Wish
and Blow!!!
The group of birthday kids that braved getting in a picture next to Chuck E.!
Thanks for celebrating with us Chuck E.!!!!
So we were standing around waiting for Owen to have his turn in the ticket blaster and the kids noticed tickets sticking out... so they started working hard to get them out!  I think they got 30-40 tickets out!!!
And as the door opened... more tickets came out!!!  At least it gives the kids watching something to look forward to... this is one thing that is SO hard... it looks SO fun and all the kids want a turn but only the birthday kid gets a turn.
So he did this a year ago and we didn't really have a strategy.... so this time I game him a prep talk on the way to Chuck's and once again before getting in... this time he was ready to win... and he had his eye on the BIG ticket of 10,000 tickets!
And he got it!!!  He bent down and picked it up off the floor... that's my boy!!  Not sure that's how you are suppose to do it but hey... it worked!!! : )
I had also talked to him about stuffing tickets in this shirt so he could free up his hands... and he did that too!!!  He is now a Ticket Blaster Champ!
All done and SO happy he got the big ticket!!  Can you see the ticket stuck under his goggles?!? : )
One of Owen's longest friends!!!!  He loves Jacob!
Addyson with one of her `longest friends!  She loves Isabella!
Two peas in a pod!!!
The best "family" shots we could get!  I wanted something with all of us in it (minus Brad)... I am SO bad about remembering to get family shots at birthday parties!
Then Isabella wanted in on a picture with me!!!  : )  Love these girls!
Helping Ethan wear the birthday crown!!!
We also opened gifts... I don't usually do this at parties but this was small and so only a few gifts to open and it wasn't so crazy... plus the kids really wanted Owen to see what they gave him.  It was a lot of fun!!!  He got some great things he had been wanting- a remote control car, swim suit, cars, activity books, and a gift certificate to the movies!!!
It was SUCH a great afternoon!  For me, it was great to be with some of my best friends after being out of town for a month.  I need to squeeze in as much time as possible with them over the next month!!!  Let the rest of the activities begin!!!!
Happy Birthday Owen!!!!  I hope turning 6 was SO much fun!!!  I look forward to this year ahead full of adventure for you!!!  Up, up, and away!!!

Owen celebrating with Nammie

This morning Owen got to celebrate his birthday with Nammie!!  Every year she takes each child out for some one-on-one time to celebrate their birthday with the child getting to choose most of what they do!  His day started with breakfast with his whole family... that's what he wanted to do... and we went to Rick's again... and they the two of them headed out for their own adventures!
 Stop #1 bowling!
Then he remember that there was a Build A Bear close to where they were bowling so he talked Nammie into going over there.... we were just at the mall and he begged me to go which I had to tell him no.... but "No" isn't a word heard much during a birthday day with Nammie!
 So Boxer the put was created with love and dressed!!!  Fun, fun, fun!
 Boxer got to go on lots of adventures with them.... from what I can tell by the bags of items brought home they went to Barns and Noble, Toys R Us, and Target! Whew!  What a busy day!
 They must have ALL worked up an appetite because they needed to stop for lunch at Mimi's!
 Perfect ending to his morning adventures.... there was a Big Truck show going on in the mall parking lot!

 We LOVE looking for army trucks... since daddy was a solider... and to get to see some army trucks up close was so fun!
 I had asked my mom to get Owen home in time to take a nap so he could be ready for his birthday party this afternoon.... doesn't even look like they made it home before his nap started!!  By the looks of him, his puppy, and the bag full of stuff beside him... I think he had a great morning celebrating his birthday with Nammie!

Friday, June 28, 2013

iPhone Pics of the Week

 SO tired from our trip home... someone fell asleep at 10am on the couch while playing her iPad!
 A SUPER yummy spicy tuna salad at Shogun I enjoyed during my last MOMS Club Board dinner!
Loved serving on the board with these lovely ladies!
 Someone is getting really good at swimming underwater!
 Hanging out at the pool
 Big sunglass = big summer fun!
 After swimming twice a day all week.... the kids got really comfortable swimming and showing off new tricks!
 Eating tomatoes straight out of our CSA bag... they didn't last long!
 These flip flops have carried through many summer memories (for the past 3 years)... and they broke tonight... so sad!!!!  I remember buying them for him when he saw them at Walmart and wouldn't take no for an answer!  They didn't have his size but he didn't care... so he walked out wearing flip flops 5 sizes too big but his smile was even bigger... I feel pretty certain I got my money's worth out of these shoes!!!
 Poolside lunch with friends.... we are starting to make our rounds of "good byes" now! : (
 He's a big boy now... can get anything he wants!!!