Tuesday, June 4, 2013

20 Months

This little guy is 20 months going on 4... seriously... he is a ball of energy, always on the go, keeps up with the big kids, problem solver, athletic, and smart!  Every day I'm amazed what he can do.  I think he is learning one new thing a day and I'm always impressed!
Ethan is a very expressive little guy.  He has many facial expressions and the funniest fake "sad" face I know!  But it totally works!  He knows every time he turns his sad face on (this isn't it, I do need to get a picture of it), Addyson comes running to coddle him... and he eats it up!  Along with his facial expressions, he still screams! Happy, sad, mad, glad... he screams!  Seriously, is he ever going to get over screaming?!?!
He likes to explore but on his own... if you try to get him to do something... especially if you are a stranger, he gives you a look like "Ummm, I don't think so" and then he turns his head.  While he is super outgoing and boisterous, a stranger can make him stop in his tracks or quiet him down!  Maybe that will work to my advantage on the flight to Saudi if he is being loud and someone comes to help me!! : )  Out of all of the kids, he has the most "stranger danger" and doesn't like people he doesn't know trying to talk to him.
He is very active and keeps up with the big kids.  He has NO reservation so is getting into many things he shouldn't.  I'm running into a problem with Addyson doing things she shouldn't and then Ethan gets the bright idea to do the same and it is MUCH harder to pull him off of/ distract him and get him to do something else.  So, this is a battle I fight almost daily!
He thinks he is big and should get the same as the other two!  If I try to give him a plastic plate but the other two have a "big" plate, he screams!  If I cut up his food and the other two have "whole" food he pushes his plate away.  There is no faking him out with fake squirts of dippy or trading him out for a lesser item... nope, he wants the same!  Can't say I blame him!
He was getting better at sleeping but now that we are in a new place and new bed, he is waking up screaming 2-3 times a night.  It is a bit exhausting!  I'm totally at a loss as of what to do and keep hoping that once we get settled in our new place he will get over this night time sleep issue!  We have been SO busy that he is back to napping twice a day.  I only let him sleep 30-60 minutes for his morning nap around 9 so he'll nap again with the big kids in the afternoon and he sleeps 2-3 hours!  And I've tried cutting his nap down to see if that helps with night time... and it doesn't... the more tired he is, the worse he sleeps at night!
Ethan is super athletic! Running faster and faster every day which makes he nervous... his feet go faster than his brain and I'm so afraid he is going to trip and fall!  He can dribble a soccer ball and can climb everything!  He is working on jumping but can't get off the ground yet.  And he can throw... he has a good arm.. problem is, he is throwing EVERYTHING!  Balls... remotes... phones.... and he picked up a kid chair and threw it the other day!  Do I have a WWF wrestler on my hands???  He is going to be big and stout like one... hopefully he'll just play football instead! : )
He is eating fruit now!!!!  ALL kinds of fruit!!! I'm SUPER excited!  Here he is trying strawberries and oranges for the first time and he loves them!  He likes to eat the green part on the strawberry!  He also LOVES blueberries, bananas, and apples!  Not super fond of raspberries yet but he tries them.  I've noticed he goes through phases where he eats all meat, or all veggies, or all fruit, or all carbs... it is rare he eats it all in one sitting.. but throughout the week he gets a healthy mix.
What are your favorite items in the house? I like to play with the stove, tv remotes, and cell phones
What is your favorite drink? Breast milk, water, and milk (whole)
What is your favorite food?  I love meat, cheese sticks, avocados, peas, crackers, pretzels, french fries, bananas, apples and fruit pouches... I'm starting to like other kids of fruit.
What is your favorite toy?  I like to play with the toy barn that has different buttons to push to get animals to pop out and the toy that is similar to that that Nina got me.  I also like to push the baby stroller in the house, pull the pull toys, and ride my scooter.
What is your favorite seat?  I like to climb up on the couch and sit by my siblings
Who is your favorite person? Owen and Addyson... I love for them to chase me.  Opa is a new favorite.
What is your favorite show? Doc McStuffins
What is your favorite thing? Music, animals, and books
What size clothes do you wear?  I wear 18-24 month clothes but they are starting to get too small.  Here I am wearing a 2T shirt
What is your favorite song? Doc McStuffin's song.  I just LOVE all kinds of music!
Where do you like to go?  My favorite place to be is outside!
What are you new words?  Opa (that's my favorite word), Nonnie (Nina), Yuck.  I also thrown my arms up in the air and say "ta da" after I do something.
New foods? raspberries and oranges
What do you do your mommy thinks is cute?  When I say "yuck" to things.  This is how I say I have a stinky diaper.. and many other things!
Any big transitions?  I've gotten almost all of my teeth except the back ones on my left side (top and bottom).  I also took my FIRST airplane ride!
I'm very expressive and rotten and keep my mommy and daddy on their toes!  Luckily I'm super cute too... that's what keeps them from getting mad at me!  I'm mean, come on, how could you not love this face?!?!
Growing, changing, and learning daily... love this little guy!

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