Tuesday, June 18, 2013

Annual Trip To St. Jacob's

Today we headed to St. Jacob's market for our annual trip with Nina.  The kids and I always look forward to this trip!  The start of this trip was a bit crazy... Nina was at a booth buying something and I stopped at a different booth to get the kids some strawberries and blueberries..... Strawberries are Ethan's new obsession so he couldn't even wait for me to make my purchase... he kept eating berries right out of the baskets at the booth!  It was NUTS!  I was in my big walking boot, trying to pay, trying to keep an eye on our stuff, trying to watch all 3 kids, and trying to keep Ethan out of the berries... all while trying to field questions from the kids and figure out what the vendor was saying to me... I probably looked like a hot mess!!
It was SO crazy that strangers were stopping to help me.... I was trying SO hard to get Ethan into the stroller that was rolling away... because I kept kicking it with my boot..... why, oh why, didn't I just wait for Nina.... probably because Ethan was eating berries and I needed to buy some before the vendor got mad that Ethan (and the other 2) were eating all of his sample berries!!!
Whew, now that the berries were purchased and everyone was munching... we could move on!  We made a bee line for the farm area so the kids could get out and play and I didn't have to worry about what booth they were getting into!!! : )
We love the little farm area!!!  It has a couple of all of the typical animals you see at a farm and the kids can pet them or feed them.  Today was especially exciting because Ethan showed off some of his new animal names and sounds!!!!  He now says "horse" but it sounds more like "Ho".
Ethan is also obsessed with the goats.... he was saying "baa baa"... there were sheep in there too but they are not as social... the goats were coming up to the fence and he couldn't get enough.  He was being SO loud and trying non-stop to get the goats attention!  It was cute to watch... I was just hoping he wasn't disturbing the peace and being the loud kid that was ruining everyone else's experience!
One of the other names he is getting good at is Nina's name... but he calls her "Nonnie"!  It is SO cute.. when she is gone he asks where she is by saying her name like a question "Nonnie?" and if I say, "She is at work"  he says, "Hm?" and I repeat it and he says, "Hm?"  again.  It is kind of a funny interaction we have a lot in the car and the big kids laugh.  Man, he is getting SO big!
All of the kids are... I remember when Owen used to be scared to death of goats and wouldn't even think about trying to feed a goat a tiny blade of grass.  Now, he's a big guy and shows the younger 2 how it is done!!!
I remember the other month at Farm Friends Addyson kept her distance from the goats... now look at her!!!
Is their daddy going to even recognize them when he sees them in 2 months?!?!
Please Lord, don't let them grow up too quick!!!
If I could take these moments and freeze them, bottle them up, slow them down... something... I would!  When we take trips like this it reminds me of our previous trips (here are a couple-2009 2012) and I look back at the pictures on the blog and get sad.... it all goes SO fast!  While I wish I could go back to writing more on the blog and making it more interactive for those that read it... time/ life is so crazy now and I'm doing my best to get caught up before we go and I'm trying to document it all.... so when I look back... while I might not have had the best blog for a "fan base" I do have a great blog that holds our memories and photos and is a place for me to look back, reflect, and relive the memories of the time.... Ethan fed his finger to a goat! : )
So, long story short, for those of you reading... bare with me while I catch myself up on all of our adventures... all of the things I am doing with family and friends over these next 2 months to keep myself and the kids busy while we try to enjoy our summer while ticking down the time until our Saudi journey begins.
And please be patient with all of my pictures of silly things like eating (although really, it seems like I LOVE to take pictures of my kids eating... not sure what that is all about) and feeding geese for teh 50th time... posting pictures on here is the best way for their daddy to see what the kids and I are up to... so he doesn't completely feel out of the loop!
Well, back to St. Jacob's... one thing about this trip that the kids look forward to is the train trip!!!  And this year Ethan got to ride too!!!  And turns out they road with a HUGE school group!  School is still in session here but it is close to the end of the year so we seem to be running into a lot of field trips on our adventure.. and I'm sure a lot of people are wondering why Owen isn't in school!
This is the trip that Nina always does with them!!!!
"All aboard!!!"
While they ride the train into St. Jacob's, I drive the car and meet them at the train station!  It is the prefect little trip for them and by the time I pick them up it is always close to nap time and we are all ready to head home!
One small problem.... everyone was SO tired that they were trying to fall asleep on the way home... and napping in the car means no or limited napping at home... and momma needs her nap these days... which means I need the kids to NOT nap in the car and nap at home instead!
SO... Nina and I tried as hard as we could to keep the kids from napping in the car... which turned into us making a lot of noise and making the kids REALLY angry... they do NOT like it when I bug them to keep them awake in the car.....
so we had to come up with a better idea... and I think we did!!!
About halfway between the market and home is a covered bridge that people from all over the world come to to see... so we make a pit stop there (and so did a bus full of German tourist).  It was perfect... and beautiful!!!!
The kids perked up and ran around... and the sun was perfect for some nice pictures!
We also had a snack!  I had purchased some of our favorite apple fritters at the market after the kids loaded up on the train... and the best time to eat them is when they are warm.... so we indulged ourselves!!
Ethan was a fan!!  Loved his first fritter!  I think it is safe to say that he is a fan of sweets now!! : )
All they needed was a bit of sugar to perk them up and keep them awake until we made it back to Guelph!
The bridge and the area around it is beautiful... I don't think the pictures do it justice!  We sat on this lawn area to enjoy our snack and let the kids run... and after taking lots of pictures....
.... how can you not....
... and letting the kids "fish" and play in the water....
... we found a sign that stated that we were on private property and if we took any pictures we could leave $50 at the door of the house behind where we were sitting....oops!!!!  How did we miss that sign?!?!  Nina was a bit frustrated that the sign was there but I can only imagine that if you live that and want to preserve your area and it's beauty, you don't want hundreds of people walking all over it... so you do what you can to keep people off of it....
The trick is making sure said people see the sign before the make themselves at home on your lawn and let their kids run a muck! : )
But lucky for us, we didn't see the sign and worry about trespassing until our way back to the car... so we didn't worry much... I just sat back and enjoyed the time outside and letting the kids explore... that is one thing that is hard about being out of our house and living with others... there isn't much outdoor space at either of my parent's homes and I think the kids are starting to feel a bit cooped up....but not today!
They explored, had a blast, and got dirty!!!!  Addyson went into the water even thought it was SUPER mucky/ muddy... she came back with mud ALL between her toes.... we joked that it was goose poop.. which she thought was hilarious!
Anything this silly girl can do to get any kind of reaction out of people... she will do.. and play it up!
Sweet Sister!
Once we finally spotted the sign, we quickly got off the lawn and headed out... we didn't want to pay $50!!!  We made it back to Guelph with everyone awake and ready to nap as soon as we got home!  Mission accomplished!!!!

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