Sunday, June 23, 2013

Blue Jay Game

 Uncle De and Owen have started a tradition of having a Guys' Day and going to a Blue Jay game every summer!  Owen looks forward to it from the minute we land in Canada!!  This year they took their trip at the end of our visit so we had to count down the days daily... Owen was beside himself with excitement!
 Outside the SkyDome (One of the only baseball stadiums with a retractable roof) and in front of the CN Tower.. use to be the tallest free standing tower in the world.. I'm sure something in Dubai has it beat now!
 Great seats!!!!
 They found Papa and Uncle Roy at the game too!!!!  So fun!!!
Owen always comes home exhasuted from this trip!!!  I just love it!!!  I'm sure he is counting down the days until next year's game!!!  Before long, I'm sure Ethan will be joining in on the fun... think Uncle De can handle both of them?!?!

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