Monday, June 3, 2013

Canadian Addiction

My kids and I share a slight Canadian addiction... and it is called Time Hortons... and I'm pretty sure it is more than a "slight" addiction... I think I've turned my kids into Timbit monsters!
When Owen was Ethan's age and we would through the drive through OR he would spot an empty Tim's coffee cup in the car he would start yelling "bore, bore, bore" and signing (more)... Ethan does almost the same.. except he starts screaming "my, my, my" (mine) and wants the box... and then doesn't like to give it up.....
So when I have to PRY the box from his tightly gripped tiny fingers.... he is NOT a happy camper!!!  I tell the kids to quickly grab handfuls of timbits so I can quickly hand Ethan the box back before he shatters the windows with his scream..... then he is happy again....
and we end up at home with an empty 40 box of Timbits and have none to share with Opa.  Oh no, what have I created?!?!

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