Tuesday, June 18, 2013


You know it is summer when you are husking fresh corn in the backyard... and you know you are in Canada and about to have a yummy dinner when you are husking corn in Uncle Roy and Auntie Kim's back yard!! :)
Does she like corn.... or does she just like to lick the butter off the corn?!?!  Or is butter why she likes corn?!?!  Well whatever came first, this girl (and her older brother) LOVES corn!
Ethan got to have his first go at corn on the cob... with fancy tray and holders to boot!
"Was that good little guy?!?!"
One of our favorite things to do while visiting in Canada is go over to dinner at the Belluz house... and I can't believe this is the only other picture I got while were there!!  We go over for an evening of good food and fun!!!  While Auntie Kim and I were catching up on the back deck, Tyler and Uncle Roy kept the kids entertained in the house... and I think they were hyped up on sugar!  Uncle Roy let them eat mini cupcakes... turns out Owen had 3... which Uncle Roy told him "not to tell his mommy"... but he did tell his mommy...... but what can I say... they were happy and entertained while I got to have a mini break... and if it took 3 cupcakes to get that done... then so be it! : )  Maybe the sugar high is what got the kids to push through to 10pm without showing signs of being tired!  I was SHOCKED when I learned how late it was.  Man, we are really off our schedule these days!  The kids are being troopers though.... maybe the butter and sugar help with that!! : )

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