Wednesday, June 12, 2013

Day with Opa TickTack and Cousin Rick

Today the kids and I went to Toronto to spend the day with Opa TickTack and Cousin Ricky.  And like every outing we seem to go out... guess where we started our day?!?!  Well Tim's of course!  It was good while the kids were eating but that doesn't last long... they got up and were trying to run all over the place... see, we got up and got in the car right away so they had A LOT of energy to burn off!
Tim's had an automatic door that opened if you walked close to it and the parking lot was right outside... and after Ethan escaped the second time... and I had to try to chase him down wearing my walking boot... I had had ENOUGH and begged Ricky to think of a park close by....
Turns out there is a park a block from my Opa's apartment and it is really nice... why didn't we know about this sooner?!?!  Every time we visit Opa I struggle to find something we can do where Opa and I can catch up while the kids can be kids... this would have been perfect all of these years... oh well, at least I know about it now!
It was another beautiful day... after a week of really cold weather, we finally have perfect summer weather!  It was great!!!  Opa and I got to sit on the bench and talk....
while the kids played!!!!
And my cousin was a HUGE help!!!  He played and played with the kids keeping them entertained and I didn't have to worry one bit!  I just got to sit back and enjoy my time with Opa!  It was SO nice!!
The big kids were trying to make a sand town and Ethan kept knocking it over so Ricky got Ethan to sit here on the bench and wait for Ricky to come back and get him... so Ricky ran over to help the big kids finish their town which Ethan waited patiently!
And he waited... I was impressed!  I can't even get this sweet boy to sit still this long!!!  But Ricky got him to!!!  And when Rick walked over towards Ethan, Ethan smiled!!!  Then Ethan patted the space beside him on the bench for Ricky to sit down!!  It was SO cute!!!!
Then it was time for Ethan to go play again!!!  Off they go!! : )
The Sand Town was done and ready for mommy to see... it also had a birthday cake and they sang "Happy Birthday" to me... and then....
Ethan quickly destroyed the whole thing!!!
On to better things.... swinging!  I swear my youngest two could swing ALL DAY LONG!!!!  And they had a fresh face that they could talk into pushing them for "hours on end"... okay, not really hours but a long time!!!  Again, SO thankful Ricky was there!! :)
After all of that playing, everyone was thirsty so Ricky and Owen went to get us drinks!!  But while we waited for our real drinks, Addyson made Opa a coffee at the sand box!
We played at this park for probably close to two hours!!!  But it didn't feel like it!  The only reason why I knew it was time to go was because I was getting hungry and I could tell the kids were starting to get tired!  After all, we had spent the morning running around at the park and in the sun/fresh air... perfect recipe to get in a good nap.. the trick was just going to be keeping them awake until we got to Guelph which is a little over an hour drive!!!
Let's load 'em up and ship out!!!
Thanks for a great morning Opa and Rick!

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