Sunday, June 9, 2013

Day with Opa

Today we had another fun day with Opa!!!  Nina was at work so Opa was the one in charge of keeping us busy and entertained!  It ended up being a great day!!!!
Any fun outing in Canada usually starts with Tim's... man, we are SO addicted!  So glad we don't live close to one back home!!!
Sharing with Opa... or talking Opa into sharing with him!! : )
Yay for Timbits!!!
A breakfast for champions!!!  I can already feel the sugar rush!!!!  Is this why mom insists that we eat fruit before we leave the house?!?
Our group photo... and of course Addyson refuses to look at the camera!!!
After "breakfast", we went to a nursery to walk around.  It was really the cutest thing ever... the little kids played in the sandbox while Owen and Opa walked around and talked about all of the plants and what they would buy.  I would overhear them every now and then and it melted my heart!  They ended up buying a flower that Owen LOVES (it is the one he bought for his teacher at the end of the year) and Opa is calling it "Owen's flower" so he can look at it and think of him.  They also bought a humming bird feeder that Opa says will remind him of Addyson and the hanger will remind him of Ethan (ok, I think he is stretching it here but he is trying to find something for each kid! ; 0 ).  We spent over an hour here and it was great!
As soon as we got home they got to work hanging the feeder (while I was inside making humming bird food).
They also planted the flower in Opa and Nina's front garden!
Addyson was in charge of watering the flower... which meant dumping the WHOLE picture of water right on top of the flower! :)
After working in the garden, TeeTee Bec came and picked up Addyson for the day and the boys and I took Opa to a patio for some lunch and a drink.  It was a BEAUTIFUL day and after talking to Brad about how HOT it is in Saudi I decided that I needed to take full advantage of all of the nice weather here before heading over there!!!!
You can guess what the next stop was after a busy morning... how cute are they both asleep on the couch... they have been best buds all day and it didn't stop at nap time!  I think they fell asleep watching a soccer game!
After nap there was more planting done... this time the kids got to plant seeds in little pots that they could watch grow over the remainder of our time here.  Opa and Nina have a nice garden in the back and they had some leftover seeds which was perfect for the kids!
They each got to make their own little pot of soil and seeds!
What an awesome day outside and gardening with Opa!!!!  Days like these melt my heart and I will treasure forever!!!!

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