Friday, June 14, 2013

Downtown Guelph

Opa always plays golf on Friday afternoons/nights so Nina and I had the kids to ourselves and were trying to figure out what to do.  We have been to downtown Guelph so we headed there to walk around!  Owen brought his soccer ball and Addyson brought a Frisbee.  Our first stop was a sports store so Owen could get some air in his soccer ball!
After doing some shoe shopping..... completely crazy idea with 3 kids... one of which loves to take ALL of the shoes off of the shelf... we went to a little courtyard outside so Owen and Nina could try out Owen's newly inflated ball!
The little kids found things to entertain them.... there were some stairs that Ethan practiced going up and down... he is getting better at learning to do them by himself!  Besides loving to practice stairs when he sees them, he loves to turn any kind of pole object into a game of "ring around the rosie"!  I'm always afraid he is going to get dizzy and fall and hit his head... but he somehow manages to stay on his feet!  Whew!
Ethan is also my climber!!!  He can turn anything into something to climb/play on!  He loves to grab on to tall things and hang up (pick up his feet and dangle there).  He kept finding bike racks throughout our walk and decided they would be fun to lay in!  Crazy guy!!!
One of our main reasons for heading downtown was to find a patio to sit on to eat dinner!  Again, the weather is SO nice and I'm trying to take full advantage.  Problem is, here the patios are not like what I was hoping for... a lot of them are right next to a busy road with just a line divided to keep you off the street!  We stopped at our favorite salsateria to have dinner but it was a bit stressful until the food came... trying to keep Ethan in his seat and in the patio area was a bit impossible!!!
But we did it!!!  Dinner was AMAZING and all in all it was a great outing!!!

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