Sunday, June 16, 2013

Father's Day

We spent a long time this morning trying to figure out what to do for Father's Day.  We had plans to go to the park and nursery to pick out a plant but we woke up and it was raining so we tried to think of new plans... only to come full circle back to our original plans!  Before heading out, I made my dad's favorite breakfast I make, breakfast burritos!!!  Then we got ready to head out for the day! Our first stop was the nursery... I didn't have my camera but took some really cute pictures on my dad's camera... and left without getting them.  But as you can tell by this picture, the had a big time at the nursery... splashing in puddles, jumping on rocks, and walking around looking for the perfect plant to buy Opa for Father's Day!
After the kids woke up from their nap in the car, we headed to our favorite park... Riverside Park...
and this time we came prepared with old bread to feed the geese!!!
There were 3-4 parent groups with babies and it was amazing to see which parent group(s) was the dominate one... the one momma would chase away the other babies so her babies could get the most bread!!!  The other mommas hung back to keep an eye on their babies but didn't/ couldn't do much to get their babies to the front of the feeding action.
The dominate momma was brave.... and so was Ethan!!!  I was impressed how two the close of them kept getting to each other!!!  I was just waiting for her to eat out of his hand!!

I know feeding the geese isn't that exotic and every picture is almost the same... but I just can't help myself!  I love the pictures from today!  Maybe I just love the fun we had today!  My parents, brother, and I sat on the park bench with a drink and watched the kids have fun!!!
This momma goose really wanted the big piece of bread Ethan had in his hands... and she wasn't afraid to go get it!! : )
Stare off
Is she gonna go for it?!?!
*insert scream here*!!!!!
Back off.... she got a little too close for his comfort!!!  I just had to giggle!!!!  And only because no fingers were harmed in this interaction!! ; )
Let the feeding resume
... and it wasn't too long before the momma (or maybe it is the daddy... how do you tell???) came back from more... Ethan's hands are just the right height for her pecking!!! : )
The babies were brave too... and more Ethan's speed... I just had to keep my eye on the adult one that was sticking close to E... I didn't want him/her pecking him from behind!
Think she'll feed one out of her hand?!?!  I doubt it... but the idea of calling them closer seemed fun... as long as they didn't come closer and try to eat out of her hand!
Ok, enough of that!  The bread was gone so it was time to move on!!!  I spot the park in the background!  Let's go!!!
He had to stop and look for the geese every now and then... I guess to make sure they weren't following him!! : )  Addyson got these binoculars with her money when we went to the zoo last week... Ethan LOVES them!
I haven't gotten to spend a Father's Day with my dad in YEARS so it was REALLY nice to spend it with him!!!!  It was sad to be apart from Brad, we didn't even get to talk to him today.... he is traveling and in a hotel with terrible internet so a Skype call was impossible.  I tried not to think about that part too much... we'll have plenty of time to celebrate with him when we get to Saudi... and I really hope he didn't dwell on it too much... I really do worry about him and how he is holding up over there... it can't be easy to live in a big house all by yourself and know your family is traveling, making memories, and celebrating holidays without you... but we just have to keep our eye on the "prize" and hope that this time apart is the best decision for our family and we more than make up for it once we are reunited!
No trip to Riverside park would be complete without a ride on the carrousel and a trip on the train!
Oh, and they always seem to talk Nina into getting an ice cream!!  See, we did this one trip to Riverside park years ago.. and now, according to Owen, this is what you have to do EVERY TIME you go to Riverside park!  It is just part of the routine!
And now Ethan is hip to the idea!!!  This baby boy doesn't need a HUGE ice cream cone to himself!!!  Thankfully he shared with Uncle De!!! : )
This stuff is good mom!!!  For so long Ethan didn't have a sweet tooth... I think it is safe to say, that's changed!
Was this Father's Day or Kids' Day?!?!  Seems like my kids made out better than Opa did!! : )
Who is gonna clean this baby up?!?!
After all that sugar, we had to go to the playground to burn off some extra energy!!!
The best seat at the park!!!
We were playing Hide-N-Go-Seek with Addyson and Owen and I hid under the branches of this HUGE tree... and we were here for a long time... I think after a couple of minutes of searching I think she gave up and/or got distracted.. which left us waiting... and Owen was good to keep waiting... I had to talk him into coming out or else we'd probably still be hiding now!! :)  Love this sweet boy!
What a fun morning... headed home... I didn't plan this.. but look... my little geese are following me in a row and in order!!!  I guess all this time around their feathered friends is rubbing off on them!
One last check on the geese before heading out!!!  What a perfect way to spend Father's Day morning.. the only thing missing was Brad!  Happy Father's Day to all of the dads in our lives!

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