Sunday, June 23, 2013

Festival at the Park

Today was our last day in Guelph visiting our family!  We actually didn't have to be to the airport until 3:30 so our plan was to have a nice breakfast, wear the kids out, nap the kids (or at least Ethan), and then head to the airport.  The original plan was the have Opa and Nina play with the kids while I packed... can you tell I'm a last minute person!?!?  Our stuff is ALL over the house and I had about an hour to pack because.....
We ended up driving out to the Guelph lake to check out the festival they were having there... that started at 11... but after driving out there it didn't make sense to drive me home to pack and then have them all drive back out there.... so we just stayed....
and let the kids RUN!!!!
I needed the kids.... especially this wild child... nice and exhausted for the flights home!!!
Ethan is very expressive with his facial looks.  SO many different faces... this is the "I'm not sure I like what you are saying/ trying to get me to do!"
We got to the lake about an hour and a half before the festival started but no worries, we found lots to entertain ourselves!!! A  good hiking stick and lots of outdoor space with lots to look for can keep these guys entertained for hours!
And it didn't take us long to find a good spot to get in the water!!!!  I love how she is lifting up her dress!
No swim suits... wonder how long they'll stay dry?!?!
There was also a nice beach to help keep the kids busy.
Not sure I can keep my dress dry... can I take it off???
Owen got to take his shorts off!  So.....
Ahhhh.... that's better!!!  Now I can run, splash, and play and not worry about my dress!! : )
Sweet Sister!!!
There were other families there that you can tell came prepared, they had sand toys and swim suits... and keeping my kids away from the tempting toys was SO hard!!!  Thankfully one family was really good about sharing... but Ethan didn't want to share back... so the poor boy ended up in tears so we had to try to distract with other items on the beach.... here's a good tool for writing in the sand.... a stick bigger than she is!! :)
Stopping for a snack after our swim before checking out the festival.... that finally kicked off!
There was an entomologist there that had collected several specimens from the lake and was explaining it all to us!  SO interesting!
Can you see on the back of this bug.... the adult form is emerging from there... SO cool!!!
Owen was really into this and could have stayed and learned so much more!!!!  Wonder if he'll be our little scientist?!?!
No festival in Canada would be complete without some sort of hockey set up!!!!
Perfect last morning in Canada and a great way to wear us all out before our flight home!!!

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