Friday, June 28, 2013

iPhone Pics of the Week

 SO tired from our trip home... someone fell asleep at 10am on the couch while playing her iPad!
 A SUPER yummy spicy tuna salad at Shogun I enjoyed during my last MOMS Club Board dinner!
Loved serving on the board with these lovely ladies!
 Someone is getting really good at swimming underwater!
 Hanging out at the pool
 Big sunglass = big summer fun!
 After swimming twice a day all week.... the kids got really comfortable swimming and showing off new tricks!
 Eating tomatoes straight out of our CSA bag... they didn't last long!
 These flip flops have carried through many summer memories (for the past 3 years)... and they broke tonight... so sad!!!!  I remember buying them for him when he saw them at Walmart and wouldn't take no for an answer!  They didn't have his size but he didn't care... so he walked out wearing flip flops 5 sizes too big but his smile was even bigger... I feel pretty certain I got my money's worth out of these shoes!!!
 Poolside lunch with friends.... we are starting to make our rounds of "good byes" now! : (
 He's a big boy now... can get anything he wants!!!

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