Monday, June 17, 2013

Kids' Birthday Party

Nina had the great idea to have a joint birthday party for all 3 kids since my family in Canada doesn't get to celebrate with the kids very often.  The kids were pumped for a party!!!  What do you need for a party?!?!  A good cake!!!  The kids helped Nina make a chocolate cake from scratch!!!  And the kids did quality control to make sure the cake was good!
We've been to a couple of birthday parties lately where there were some fancy cakes.. one of them was a Star Wars cake... so the kids were putting in their request for their fancy cake of choice but Nina had other plans... a more fun option... the kids got to decorate their own cake... so they tried to make their own fancy cake!
Addyson wanted a "Hello Kitty" cake.. but when it came down to it...she was just squeezing out lots of icing....
and consuming lots of icing!! : )
Owen wanted a "Star Wars" cake and he was determined to make one!!!  Earlier in the day the kids had gone with Nina to get balloons and Owen got a Star Wars balloon so we were using the balloon to guide us with make the correct picture.....
With a bit of help from mommy, I think the cakes turned out great!!!  Can you tell what everything is?  I made Addyson's Hello Kitty on top of all of the blue icing that she had decorated with.  Owen did great making the stripes on top of the cake that were on his balloon.  He also made a light saber, the big green diamond shape thing beside the names.  I added Yoda beside the light saber.  Owen didn't mind sharing his cake with Ethan.. thank goodness... see, Max (the dog) got ahold of the cake and ate half of it which is why the cakes are the shape they are and we were down to 2!!!  We had to cut around where Max ate!
Besides balloons, we had the noise makers to help add to the party atmosphere!
What is good birthday party food?!?!  Pizza of course!! : )
This little guy LOVES his sunglasses!!!  He wears them all the time.. and half of the time they are on upside down! : )  I'm glad he loves glasses, we were told to make sure to bring over lots of sunglasses to wear to protect our eyes in Saudi from the sun and the sand!!!  I know getting a toddler to wear something they don't want to wear is almost impossible so I'm trying really hard to get my kids into the habit of wearing sunglasses every time we go outside and I'm trying to get in the habit of always putting on sunscreen.  The next thing I need to work on is getting them to wear hats!!!
After pizza, the kids got to open their present... each kid got the same thing.....
Perfect!!!  The kids and I could make another event out of present shopping on a day this week when we are needing something to do!
Now, it's cake time!!!!
Can't believe this (not-so-little) guy is about to turn 6!!!
Lots of candles and sparklers on the cake for party fun!!!!
Make a wish!
After cake, our birthday party fun continued outside!!  The weather was beautiful!  It really was a perfect evening!!!
I'm not sure we would have done much but, Owen insisted that there had to be games because it was a birthday party so he "forced" us to come up something and continue with the fun.. and what can be more fun than a game of soccer?!?!
Well, if you are Addyson, aggravating your younger brother is more fun than playing soccer!! : )  Ethan LOVES this riding toy and they were riding it down the slope in my parents street and Addyson would insist on riding it for long periods of time to get Ethan screaming... I guess if it is your party you can create your own fun... in what ever form that is!!!  Awwww, the joys of siblings!: )  Thanks Nina for the great idea for having a birthday party for the kids!!!  They LOVED it!!! I hope this is a tradition we do every summer!!!!

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