Friday, June 7, 2013

Kitchener Children's Museum

Today we spent the morning/afternoon with my good friend from high school, Nicole, her boys, her dad, and her sister and sister's little boy.  We first made a stop at the tiny Guelph airport to eat breakfast at the little cafe there.  I was a bit surprised to hear that was where we were meeting up... I had NO idea they served breakfast, but I was glad we did!  It is small and when we first got there it wasn't busy so I didn't have to worry too much about the kids and the food it SO good!  Not only that but there is lots of airplane memorabilia to look at, toy airplanes to play with outside, and big airplanes to go look at!  It was a great start to our morning!
From there, we headed to Kitchener to The Museum.  It is a great children's museum and so much fun!!!  When you walk in there is a large open area for kids to run and play with these large blocks.  Addyson was out there playing by herself and making friends with kids from the school group (school is still in session here which makes it nice for a lot of our outings because there are not a lot of families out and about yet!)
While Addyson was playing with the big kids, the rest of us were in the "baby" room.  This room was GREAT!!!  It has a padded floor so everyone (even adults) have to take their shoes off to go in the room!  They have a game/ sensory wall that they little guys love!
There were also bubble towers and lots of padded blocks to play with that the big boys got a kick out of!  Owen and Grayson (Nicole's oldest) became good buds!
From the bottom floor, we made our way up to the very top floor and then made our way down the levels.  On the top floor there is a LARGE roller coaster set up!  SO cool to watch but not any fun to try to keep Ethan away from!!! There is a railing set up in front of it to keep kids back from...Ethan kept climbing over the railing!  It took everything I had to get him distracted and keep him from destroying the roller coaster... .there is a reason why one of his nicknames is "The Destroyer"!!!!
Thankfully I caught his attention with some of the building items that were available for the kids to play with!!!  He loved this wheel set!
While I was distracting Ethan, the big kids went in the balloon room!!!  How cool is this room?!?!  Full of balloons from floor to ceiling!!!!  They got lost in there!!!
I went to the other side of the floor to try to get a picture of them playing in there... see Owen there?!?!
I know it was risky to leave Ethan unattended while I went to take a picture.... luckily he was busy and Nicole was there watching Rhys and kept her eye on E just in case!! : )
The kids get about 2 minutes in the room and they send them in in groups of 5-6.... all of the other kids had come out but my two.  The guy called for them and waited... and still nothing.  All of the other kids were bigger so they might have had a better sense about them... or mine were just not listening (I didn't think this since Owen is a rule follower) so I told the guy to keep talking to them so they could follow his voice and get out... and it worked!  Whew!  I thought I was going to have to go in after them!
The other half of this floor has a rotating display... today they had all different mechanical displays that covered the ABCs so one for each letter of the alphabet!  It was very interactive and very cool!!!
This Doll House with the opening door was a huge hit!  I love this picture and how Addyson is looking through and you can see Ethan's reflection as he watches her!
 After Addyson left, Ethan and Tavish (Nicole's nephew) decided to give it a try...and true to form... Ethan wanted to climb in!  He is my climber and FULL inspector!
 After a long time upstairs, we started to explore the rest of the museum.  The next floor is a floor dedicated to space and space travel.  It was geared to bigger kids so we kind of skipped over that floor and headed to the "kid" floor!  They had a huge piano you play by walking on it, a bed of nails, some interactive video camera things, and lots of other fun stuff I got pictures of!  Look at this big wall of....
Pin art!!!  Addyson was making her face impressions but would quickly mess it up so I couldn't take a picture of it... little stinker!  I should have acted totally uninterested and I probably could have gotten some cool pictures!
 There was also a station to learn about garbage sorting!!!  Gotta start them young!
There was also a HUGE water table!!  This was SO neat! There were lots of wall pieces so you could make your own route for your boat to float down the river!  Owen and Grayson had a lot of fun here!!  They could even race their boats!  You could smell the chlorine so I knew the water was "clean" and not full of tons of little hand germs!! : )
 Ethan and Rhys also loved the table!  I knew as soon as E saw water he'd be a fan!!!
There was also this great maze where you create your own using these huge pieces of fabric and the hooks along the posts!!!  This kept the big boys entertained for a long time!!!  We spent a lot of time on this floor as well!!!  I can't believe I never knew this awesome kids' museum exsisted and only about 15 minutes from my parent's house!!!  I think this stop has to be on our "to do" list every visit!!  Thanks Nicole, boys, and family for a super fun morning!!!

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