Monday, June 3, 2013

Night at the Park

We made it to Canada... in one piece.. with all of our stuff.. .and my sanity in tact!  Success!!!  I was honestly super scared and didn't think it could be done!  But it could and now we are here and are ready to enjoy ourselves!
First stop, the kids favorite park... and it is cold here... so it is a good thing my parents told me to pack jackets for the kids.... and I think we were the only people at the park wearing shorts... good thing it didn't seem to phase them though!
They were too busy running around, showing off their strength, and trying new tricks to realize it was a bit chilly!  Of course I was worried that other parents were looking at me and wondering why my kids were in shorts... why do I always do that?!?!  Who cares what others think, right?!?!  I know that when my kids start shivering or their lips turn blue I'll leave... until them....
I just let them monkey around and blow off steam!!  And there was LOTS of steam to blow off!!!
Have I mentioned how hard it is living out of suitcases and in a small space?!?!  Probably... because that seems to be all that's on my mind these days.... ugh!!!  MUST. PUSH. THROUGH!
Part of what was nice about the change of scenery is that I got away from all of the boxes of our stuff laying around my mom's house and I could escape that and the stress it brings me and gave me a bit of a chance to breath and have fun with my kids!  And Owen was eating it up!  He kept asking me to take his picture doing different things! Awwww, he has his mommy back for a little bit!
It is also nice having extra sets of hands around!  2 grandparents and an aunt and uncle that always seem to be popping by!  New people that haven't been exhausted by our presence yet and are well rested and ready to take on 3 kids!!
Wonder how long that will last?!?! : )
"Hey, can you hear me over there?!?!"
"What are you saying?!?!  You are glad we are here!!! : )"
It was so cool I put Ethan in his pj bottoms... I only brought one pair of pants per child... guess I'll be doing a lot of laundry on this trip!
Our plan is to be in Canada for 3 weeks..... and when we leave Brad will have been gone for a month... I wonder how much the kids will change... and what milestones Brad will miss... look at Miss Addyson... this is a new trick.. it seems like all of the kids are at a stage where they are growing, learning, and changing SO much... I can hardly keep up with it all!
One thing I do every now and then is look back at pictures... it amazes me to see how much the kids have changed over time and makes me SO sad... it really does go SO quick.  Our trip to Canada last year Ethan was just standing up and took his first steps... now look at him... he is all over the place.. and chasing the geese!!!
"Hi Geese!"
Peaking during a game of hide-and-seek... oh, what I would give to take a peak in the future and see how this transition pans out... I'd love to know so I know longer have to wonder and worry!!!!  Anyway, for now, we'll enjoy this short chapter in Canada and try to enjoy our days without Brad as much as possible... I don't want to end up wishing away our whole summer!  So, let the fun begin!

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