Thursday, June 27, 2013

Owen's Birthday

We had a great time celebrating Owen's birthday today!  First stop..... Rick's of course!!!  Doughnuts are just what a birthday boy needs to start his day!!!
While we were there I let the kids pick out a decorated cookie each to have for dessert tonight... 1- I didn't have a cake planned and 2- Owen wanted to pick this for his breakfast so I talked him out of eating ALL that sugar for breakfast since he could eat it tonight...not sure if a doughnut is any better.. but it seems better!!  After that we went over to Jacob and Connor's house to play and swim.... a great start to his day!
After nap, we headed out to eat at a Mexican restaurant for dinner!  He was shocked when the servers came behind him singing and put a hat on his head... at first he didn't know what was on his head and he had a shocked look on his face but, once he realized what was happening, he smiled real big!  So fun!
After dinner, headed to Gully Park for their Concert in the Park series.   We didn't get there right when it started... it was SO hot.... so we waited a bit and then found a nice shady spot by a tree to lay out our stuff!
Ahhhh..... relaxing.... birthdays don't get much better than this!!!
Hey Mom, can I follow Addyson up to the front to watch the band???
I was really thankful this is what we decided to do to celebrate... it was so nice and relaxing... I could just sit back and watch the kids dance and every now and then they would come check in with me!
Or check in with/ tackle Nammie!!!
There was lots of dancing!
Lots of smiles!
And lots of fun to be had!!!!
Soon after arriving, it was time for the birthday dessert!!!  I love the look on Ethan's face as he is trying to figure out what this fancy thing was we just gave him!!! : )
Owen got the big Razorback cookie and then Addyson got a smaller Princess crown on her cookie and Ethan got a monkey (Owen picked it out for him since he is our little monkey).
Icing Mustache
After the large sugar intake (although I must say, Owen was the only one that ate his whole cookie... his was chocolate chip.... the decorated sugar cookies don't taste that good so neither of the little kids ate much of their cookie), there was dancing to be done.... gotta get rid of that energy some how!!!  And Ethan LOVES to dance!!
Can you tell?!?! : )
The kids also loved that they could get an upclose look at the band!  They spent a long time up there checking them out!!!
It was SO hot!!!  Can you tell?!?!  Between the heat and dancing in the heat, the kids were soaked!!!!
I told Owen he could take his shirt off.... and Addyson took that as she could take her shirt off too... how could I tell her no?!?!  And then Ethan took his pants off....that helped a little!
Look at that sweaty hair!!!  Want to know what he is looking at......
Maggie Moo cow came out... and Addyson thought she wanted to see it... so Nammie took her... and she was brave, she actually gave Maggie I high hoof!!!  A small victory in our family!!!
This is what Ethan was doing while Addyson was visiting the cow... and not because he was scared... but because he was mad that Nammie had left him and taken Addyson.... he wanted his Nammie!
He should have thought twice about crying for her... I tried to warn him that if he wanted her she would come get him and take him to see Maggie too.... that visit didn't go as good as Addyson's! : )
What a fun day we had celebrating our birthday boy!!!!  We love you Owie!!!!

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