Saturday, June 15, 2013

Papa turns 90

This afternoon I got a babysitter for the kids... which is  minor issue when you are not in your own town and don't know anyone with kids of babysitting age... we ended up using a neighbor girl we had never met before... which isn't something I would normally do... but I was running out of options!  Her parents were next door so I didn't worry much.. and she ended up being great!!!  Anyway, back to my afternoon, after laying the kids down for a nap.. which they ended up napping because they knew something was up... I got dressed up and ready to head out with my family...
My whole family with Opa... must say we clean up pretty good!! ; )
Sibling shot... if you only knew how many tries this took... Becky insists we get the "perfect" shot!
We were meeting everyone at the Italian Canadian Club to celebrate Papa's (Nina's dad) 90th birthday!  It was a HUGE reunion for all of Nina's side of the family and good to see people I haven't seen since I was about 9 years old!  It was amazing to see everyone come together to celebrate Papa!  The  kids were sad they were missing out... they heard it was a "birthday party" so they were expecting games and fun and didn't understand why I talked them out of going... but I knew it would just be a lot of adults standing around and talking and no other kids going... and if mine were there there was NO way I'd be able to catch up with everyone like I got to!!!
What 66 years of marriage looks like! :)
My parents!
Opa.. and how I will ALWAYS remember him!!!  With a BIG piece of cake in front of him!!!
There was SO much good Itilian food, first some appatizers to go with our drinks while everyone showed up, then an antipasto bar, and then dinner.  When the antipasto bar came out I asked Opa if I could help him get anything.  He asked, "Is there cake up there?  No.  Then I don't want anything.  I'm saving room for a BIG piece of cake!"  And he did!!! : )
My cousins Lindsay, Tracy, and Megan were there.  I use to spend A LOT of time at their farm growing up... so it is good to be able to catch up with them on my yearly trips to Canada!!
Dieter and Becky with cousins Tyler and Brandon.
We ended up spending 5 hours there and then I had to leave because I promised the babysitter I'd be home by 7:30...everyone else ended up staying another 1.5 hours!!!  So much to catch up on and celebrate with family!!  So glad my trip ended up being during this time!!!! 
Happy 90th Birthday, Papa!!!

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