Sunday, June 23, 2013

Snapshots from Canada (Round 2)

Story time with Opa
"Um... did I sign up for this?!?!" ; )
Breakfast for 1 on the patio please!
 After coming home from Papa's party, Owen looked at me and said, "Mommy, you are SO pretty!"
 Not a fan of pictures... can you tell?!? : )
 Sibling bonding over the iPad
 I'm outta here!
 Salon on the porch
 The Jays game was GREAT!!!
 Hugging or wrestling?!?!  You be the judge!
Snuggled up with Uncle De.
Timbit party with Opa
Mom, can we talk some of these back to Arkansas with us?!?!
I'm gonna "hammer" you Opa!
Mmmmm, fancy drink!!!  Ah, the joys of going out with the grandparents!
This is Ethan's "I don't like what you are saying" face
She loves cherries!
Who needs milk, I love creamer cups!
NOT happy about having to sit in the restaurant!
Trying hard to keep him entertained by taking funny pictures... it worked... for a little bit!
Quiet, coloring time with Nina!

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