Thursday, June 13, 2013

Snapshots from the Trip (Round 1)

I don't use my phone while I'm in Canada so I'm not doing the Friday "iPhone Pics of the Week" so here are some snapshots from the past 2 weeks in lieu of that post.
Trying oranges and raspberries for the first time!!  Yay for liking fruit!!
Snaping asparagus!  Always a helper in the kitchen!
Also note the "boy shirt"... poor thing has to wear her brother's clothes since I didn't pack her much besides tank tops and it is COLD here!
Addyson taking pictures of Opa... always clowning around!
Waiting for the Magic Show to start
Covered in doughnut glaze... how he looks at least once a day (or so it seems)
I only had 3 of the 20.... um, yeah right!
Is this a sweet embrace or a chock hold?!?!
Awwww, there's the hug!
Opa, look at my glasses!!
All of this fun makes me EXHAUSTED!
Bubbles on the deck
Great summer fun!
I wake up at 5-5:30... my mom is EXHAUSTED so she puts me on the couch with a bowl of dry cereal, a cup of milk, and the Disney channel on and I'll sit here until someone else wakes up while she goes back to bed!!
Eating more fruit!!! Mommy is SO happy!!!
Here, you wanna try one... the one I just tasted?!?!
I made my "Flying Burrito" burrito bar for dinner one night!!  A huge hit!
 Nina always lets the kids help cook. She is more rested and has more patience than I do these days!
Watching the German team while wearing his Germany jersey!!!
Sweet sibling moment
They are always trying to carry one another around!
Kicked back and in napping mode!
Watching tv... love this down time!
We went to McDonald's because they have a great indoor play place and it was rainy.  Here the kid's meal comes with yogurt and fries (not apples and fries)
Addyson is ALWAYS helping Ethan... even when I remind her not to!!
The McDonald's here give out mini cones to the kids!!!
Yay for "Easy Peasys" for a snack!
Helping Nina make pizza
Yoga mats make fun toys!!!  Ethan LOVES Nina's mat!
Spicy girl thinks she is funny when she steals Opa's wine!
The dogs only like Ethan when he has food... that's okay with him... he thinks they are playing chase and he LOVES it!!!
Beautiful pizza... not sure why Dieter is taking the credit for it... he didn't make it! : )

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