Tuesday, June 25, 2013


What do you do when you are completely exhausted from a 3 week trip to Canada and you need to entertain 3 kids 6 and under and at 3 different "play" levels.... you load them up and take them swimming!!!  Not only does outside work wonders for my kids... but I found that swimming helps entertain kids at any level... because in one pool they can do/ play however they are comfortable!  Through my heavy eyes... I literally had to drag myself off the couch... I probably wouldn't have except my mom's place is small and they had already destroyed the inside, were working on destroying the outside, and they were starting to drive themselves and me crazy.... so back to the heavy eyes... I got myself together enough to load up the wagon with pool stuff and took my kids to my mom's neighborhood pool!
Um.... I don't think I really thought this part of "living my dream" out.... I didn't realize what it meant to be a "single parent" to three little kids and be with them non-stop.... and it probably wouldn't be a problem but I'm tired... sharing a room is getting to me.... but could you tell by looking at my kids....
I'm trying my best to keep it together for them.... okay.... I really don't have it together for them.. but I do try to keep them busy enough that they forget the "mommy lost it again" moments and just remember the "hey, this is fun' moments.... and see.... if I only post these happy faces to the blog... does that mean that they will only remember these moments?!?!
I really hope so.... this phase of our live ISN'T easy.. but it is what we choose... to make our life easier once we start living our dream... so kids... if you are reading this and you are grown... and you  have any memories of the "crazy mom".... please know I was doing my best... and only wanted the best for you.... which is why... though my heavy eyes.... I took you to as many things a possible... to see you smile!
Life right now isn't easy... but swimming in the deep end and surviving.... makes doing flips in the shallow end that much more fun... we have to struggle through the deep to appreciate the shallow!

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