Friday, June 21, 2013

Time with the Detlor family

Nicole ended up having another morning free while we are here so we met up with her and her family again... and we went back to the airport for breakfast!!!
This time we got really lucky and saw lots of airplane activity!!!  The yellow plane must have been practicing taking off and landing because it did that several times.  Then this blue and white plane had to fill up with gas!  The kids loved watching this!!!
Then we got to see the hybrid of a helicopter/ airplane!!  It was SO cool!!!  What a successful trip to the airport diner!
And there is plenty of space to run... so my kids take full advantage.. and right now they love racing each other.....1, 2, 3, GO!
Apparently I didn't count down right according to Owen's standards so he didn't start running... which gave Addyson a nice advantage... she needs all she can get to try to beat her competitive brother!
After breakfast we headed to Nicole's parent's house to swim!  How many little ones can you fit in a raft?!?!
Is this totally Canadian or what?!?!  Not often do you see a canoe in a swimming pool!! : )
Ummmm..... what's going on over there?!?!
The kids loved it because they got to practice paddling.
After swimming, Nicole got out the stuff for the kids to make their own pizza for lunch!  I'm so glad that some of my friends have kids close to the same age as my kids... it makes our visits up North So fun!!!!  We'll see you next summer Detlor Family!

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