Friday, June 21, 2013

Time with Kelly and Les

One of the other visits I always look forward to is my visit with the Royle family!  I have known Kelly for more than 20 years!!!  We met at summer camp... well she wasn't there...she was too cool for camp... but I was there... my parents put me in day camp every summer to keep me busy while they worked and to meet people... I met Kelly's sister through my sister and she introduced me to Kelly since I needed a friend in town!  It didn't take long for her parents to become my surrogate parents and I spent many a days and nights with this family... so when I visit it is like coming Home!
And now Les (and Ray but he was in England during this visit) are surrogate grandparents to my kids!  And like I did, Addyson makes herself at home... and went right to work helping in the kitchen to get dinner ready!  I am telling people now that I no longer offer to help when I visit friends/family, I don't need to... Addyson helps in lieu of me helping!! : )
With Les and Ray being surrogate grandparents... that makes Kelly and surrogate Aunt!  And she fills that role quit nicely!!!  She always has fun things planned for the kids!!!
Love this group!
Tonight's activity, pine cone painting... of course they already did the pine cone collecting and then brave Kelly got out all of the supplies (even painting shirts for the kids) and let them go to town painting in her room!
I'm not sure what had more paint on it by the end of it... the pine cones or the kids.....
But I think  it is safe to say that Ethan had to most paint on him out of all of the kids!!!
And he didn't want to quit painting... and he insisted on having more paint... and getting it by himself!
"Don't touch the walls!!!"..... too late.... the Royles now have a nice blue hand print on their wall to remind them of us and our visit!!!
Another highlight of our trip is Kelly's bunny!!!  The kids love to feed him!!!  And feeding and playing with this bunny perks Owen's interest in bunnies... and now he is asking if he can have a bunny when we move to Saudi Aravia ( That's what he calls it).
I don't think we've changed one bit!!!! : )
We were trying to take a picture on Kelly's iPad and her mom must have taken this picture of us taking a picture!
A picture of me.... I don't have many of these these days!! :)
Thanks for an amazing couple of visits Ladies!!!!  We love you so much!!!
See you next summer... or sooner on Facetime!!  : )

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