Monday, July 22, 2013

Last Supper with Kellen and Paz

Getting Ethan to do his dirty work! ; )
This afternoon Kellen and Paz came to hang out with us one last time before we leave.  It was nice to have them here because I thought I was selling the van... that fell through then I had another couple come look at it ... and that didn't pan out... I'm hoping to sell the van soon... it is a bit stressful to have such a big item left to get rid of but I have to trust!  Everything else about our move has fallen into I know the van too... when the time is right. 
After dealing with the van, we headed to Chuck E. Cheese for a bit of fun!  I think that Kellen and I love that place more than the kids do!!!  It has always been a favorite for us!
It was so nice to have some extra adults around to play with the kids!!!  We had a great time!
We won A LOT of tickets that we'll be saving up for some BIG prizes that we'll pick out right before we move!!  A few new toys will be a nice way to help entertain the kids once we move!  And luckily they are now use to my idea of saving up tickets so it isn't as much of a fight anymore!
After Chuck's we headed to another family favorite Hu Hot!!  I think the kids mainly love it for the S'mores dessert but I know they also love making their own dish!  We are trying to hit all of the family favorites before we leave!!!  Gotta get our fill before we can't for a year!
So much sweet fun was had by all!!!  Thank you Kellen and Paz for coming to visit!!  We love you guys and will miss you SO much!!!

Sunday, July 21, 2013

Night with the Naturals

We cheer for a lot of team!  Nothing like a Naturals hat, Harvard shirt, Blue Jays hat, and a Razorback dress to head to a Naturals' game!! : )
So excited to be going to a baseball game!
Checking in!  We headed to see a Naturals' baseball game with Uncle Ryan, Aunt Gina, Troy, Giuliana, and Nammie!  Lots of fun!  Squeezing in as much family time as possible these last couple of weeks in Arkansas!
Cute cousins ready for the game to start!
The Princesses of the family!
Excited to see Strike on the field and SO happy he is out there and NOT close to them!! : )
Now THAT's what I'm talking about!! :)
So I'm caving a little in my exhausted state.... Ethan eating Twizzlers... don't think Owen did that as this age!!! :)
The nice thing about going to the game on Sunday night is that the kids eat free!!! They love it!
Dinner wasn't super healthy... its ballpark food... I love how Ethan opted for the banana!!!  Its his FAVORITE fruit these days!!!
These two went to the very top row to sit by themselves.  Don't they look like an old married couple?!?! Addyson is talking his ear off and Troy is spacing off trying hard to listen! : )
Ethan loves to take pictures as much as Addyson and I do.  They often fight over the camera! Cheese!
Sitting still for a long baseball game isn't so easy at this age. Thankfully there is a great outfield area for the kids to play.  There are some bouncy houses and a baseball game going on!
Owen loved playing with the big kids!  We have yet to sign him up for baseball but he is really looking forward to playing once we move to Saudi!
Ethan is ready to catch a fly ball!
Soft serve ice cream in the hats is a favorite treat.. especially on hot days like today!  Thanks Nammie for taking us to the ballgame!
Tonight Dora was at the game!! We were SO excited to see Dora!!!
But Addyson wanted to keep her distance!!!  She talked SO much about Dora but refused to go see her.
Owen and Sinker
What Ethan thought about Sinker....
Owen was lucky enough to have both Sinker and Strike to pose with !!!!  So much baseball fun!
After the game, the kids get to run the bases!!!  SO much fun!!!  Addyson opted out... I'm sure she was gun shy now that we've seen 3 mascot people.. she probably wasn't sure what she would see if she went to run bases.... so she stayed with me while the boys ran!
And boy, did they run!!!
Look at him go!!!  He is getting fast!!
And he can hold his own with the big kids!!!  Home run!
What a fun night enjoying some good ol' fashion American fun!!  Gotta soak this up while we can!!

Friday, July 19, 2013

iPhone Pics of the Week

A MUCH needed recharge weekend with a dear friend at the spa and hotel while my babies were being taken care of by another dear friend!  SO blessed to have loving friends in my life that are helping me through this summer away from Brad!!!!!
On way to play with the toys while waiting for our car to be fixed.
Lunch with good friends from St. Joe's!! We will miss these guys!
Apparently I've been serving pizza wrong... it is suppose to be covered in yogurt!
St. Joe's pals!
Look who can now hold his own with the big kids in the pool!!!!
Got to meet my Grandma and Aunt Carol at the casino one afternoon!!!  It was an amazing time!!!
I thought I had to just sit and watch my Grandma win... then she got up and I sat at "her" machine and won too!!! : )
Saying "Good Bye".... well... until next summer...... to my best friend since 2nd grade!
Helping baby brother... ALWAYS helping!!  He loves his "Sissy"!!!
Ethan's 1st movie!  He did GREAT!!  He sat through the whole thing!  Despicable Me II

VBS Week

This week was the week our church was having their Vacation Bible School.  A lot of our summer was planned around being in town for this.  We've miss St. Joe's  and the community there since being out for the summer!  VBS was a nice way to see a lot of familiar faces we are really going to miss in a few short weeks when we move!!!
The kids did SO many fun activities and crafts!  They always came home wearing different masks or hats, singing songs, and a bag full of arts and crafts and other goodies.  I know they had a BLAST.... despite not wanting to go at first.... I knew they'd be hooked after the first full day!!!
It was a bit hard on Ethan and I.... rarely... if ever.... are we left alone just the two of us!  We sort of travel in a pack right now... so having half of our pack gone was weird.  Ethan often cried at drop off.... wanting to stay with them.  To fix that, we started staying for the morning assembly where a short skit was put on about the lessons of the day and a couple of songs were sung!
We all LOVED the music of the summer!  We had a cd playing in our car and Ethan quickly caught on to the words and motions of the songs that we would all sing and dance to in the car.
It was a special treat for me to get to watch the bi kids interact with their group and watch them do all of the motions to the songs!  I'm a sucker for this kind of thing!  So while I stayed in the morning.... and ended up coming early in the afternoons to watch the afternoon assembly.... I was staying for my own personal selfish reasons of getting to watch the kids....
But I soon realized it was a special treat for Ethan too!!!!  He LOVED dancing and singing to the music with the big kids!!!  This boy can break it down!!!
This week was also a special treat for us because my dear friend Angela offered to let us stay at her house for the week while her family was on vacation!  It was nice to have our OWN space for the week!! Spreading out!  Having room to play!  A room to myself!  A bit of sleeping through the night!  Agh... just what I needed to recharge to be able to push through these next couple of weeks of tight living quarters and sharing a room!
Addyson was always up front singing and dancing!!!  I love her love for music!
Addyson had the best camp leader!  She was just as into the music and dancing as Addyson was!  They were meant to be together this week!!
The kids had an awesome time at VBS!!!  It will be earlier next year but I'm hoping we can play our vacation back home around it so we can join in on the fun and see some familiar faces we will miss this year!