Thursday, July 4, 2013

4th Fun at the Lake

We spent the rest of our 4th of July at the lake in New Town!!  There were tons of families and all of the kids were swimming and riding in kayaks.  My kids jumped right in on the mix... I really see how Owen takes after his daddy!!!  He found an empty boat and went after it.... and Addyson is right behind him.... she'll make her daddy proud too!!!
Here they are trying to figure out how to get the boat and get in it.....
And they figured it out!!!  Addyson didn't want to ride.... she was loving swimming in the lake!!!  Owen was excited to try out his new paddling techniques he learned at Nicole's pool in Canada!
Owen ended up paddling himself way out by the bridge and couldn't get himself turned back around to head towards us.... so we sent Elise and her friend out to rescue him!!!  All of the parents were a bit on edge with letting the kids get too far from us.... there was a drowning 30 minutes earlier of a 20 year old at the other lake in town.... not a good way to start the holiday.... such a sadness hanging over all of us.... and a heighten awareness about water safety.
 Finally back with the rest of the group!!!
I didn't have my suit on so I didn't really let Ethan get in the water.  So we hung out on the grassy area and ate snacks.....
 who introduced this 21 month old (today!) to "spicy chips"?!?!  He is hooked like the rest of them!!!
 Addyson wanted to give the kayak a try... not sure she loved the unstable feeling of being in the back and not in control!
 Hanging with the big kids!
 It didn't take the kids long to realize that there were fish in the water.... and once they discovered the fish they were hooked!! : )  They wanted to feed them and try to catch them!
 Think we can catch a fish by getting it to bit onto this cracker and pull it up?!?!
 How about I catch one with my bare hands?!?!
 I know what, I'll catch one in a Wal-mart bag!!!!
Man, this kid is just like his dad!!!  Determined to fish despite lack of fishing equipment... and he can draw in a crowd!!!!  Everyone was impressed with his skills to catch a fish in a plastic bag.....
 The big bag was kind of awkward.... so he found a plastic baggie and caught a fish.... someone said, "Man, is this guy the Karate Kid?!?!"  (My cousin was telling them how he was catching flies in her house too)
 Here he is after catching fish #5... he ended up catching 13 fish like this!!!!!!!!
Waiting for the fireworks to start... where's Owen?!!?!......
 Still fishing... and he has some partners..... see, at first the kids were interested to see the first fish.. but then they went back to playing.... especially since no one knew who he was.... but then a couple of boys showed up that were interested in what Owen was doing and they joined in on the fun....
 and soon there was a crowd again!!!!
 It got dark, fireworks started..... and Owen was still trying to fish!!!  He was getting mad that he could no longer see the fish... I told him that was his sign he needed to be done and come enjoy the fireworks with the rest of us!!!
Awwww, amazing!!!  All of the kids had SO much fun.... Ethan might have loved them best of all!!!  He was cheering and clapping the whole time (I remember at this age the other two didn't really like fireworks so I wasn't sure what to expect with him)!  We stayed out until 9:30 when I ran the kids home to give them a quick bath since they were COVERED from head to toe.... and laid down 3 happy and SUPER exhausted kids!!!!!  What a great 4th of July!!!  I hope everyone enjoyed their day with their family!!!!  Happy 4th!

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